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Open file (1.35 MB 1200x675 cc2egtx004xcxilbe9hf.png)
Stormtrooper 08/22/2021 (Sun) 12:05:30 No.5242
What's your favorite prequel comics? For me, it's the Ki Adi Mundi ones, both Prelude to the Rebellion and Outlander.
Open file (785.59 KB 610x960 dancing-mundi.gif)
>>5242 Any issue focusing on Vos but Mundi was based too. Also any of you have some good recommendations for some Yoda-focused comics?
>>5243 >Vos I'm trying to get the 10 clone wars volumes but my god some of them have become so expensive. Just have the first two for now.
Open file (97.74 KB 1002x650 645132987645.jpg)
>>5242 >What's your favorite prequel comics? Haven't read those ones yet, still reading the old marvel comics, aside from some stuff that doesn't make sense, they are comfy reads.
>>5244 ikr? Its getting impossible to get the old comics without having to look for obscure torrents.
>>5248 Comicbooks and the D6/D20 books are expensive, the literature books not so much.
I saw a Vos comic with paperback at almost a hundred dollars. And it was used to boot.
Open file (60.04 KB 720x900 star8252032_n.jpg)
>>5251 True canon is selling like old rare religious books.
If prices keep rising like this I might actually have to start thinking about selling part of my collection. A lot of money to be made here. Also that one fan-published book Heart of the Jedi is worth like 200 dollars now. This is nuts.
Open file (25.21 KB 300x293 13a.jpg)
>>5253 That would be smart. Use the money on important necessities while the manchildren get to starve to death later on. :^)
Dubs wasted on my retarded ass
>>5253 >Also that one fan-published book Heart of the Jedi is worth like 200 dollars now. This is nuts. I wish I bought that before it turned into a maymay, but yeah, you should sell your shit if you can get a huge profit, if you want. I'm going full digital anyway, maybe buy some books that I like.
>>5242 I have not read a lot, but my favorite out of the bunch was Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison. Does any of you guys have a recommendation or two?
>>5269 Literally anything by Dark Horse except the Tales comics. And if you want to read Tales, just read issue 1 and the story Thank the Maker from issue 6.
>>5269 >Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison. I liked it except the edgy ending.
>>5271 It didn't make sense at all if you ask me. Vader valued loyalty above all else, the guy wasnt force sensitive at all, even with Frank hinting that the guy could be useful. Vader killed people for blunders, perceived or otherwise, but never for being efficient.
>>5274 Maybe it was a mercy killing? That's all I can think of. Like maybe he saw the guy would just be used as a tool for Palpatine and it was obvious he lived a painful life that only awaited more suffering. Best to have just ended it there. Not justifying the ending, just what I try to think to personally justify it.
>>5252 Whats the most expensive comic then? wanna know what to sell
>>5385 The first issue of the 1977 comic goes for about $25,000 last I checked.

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