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Open file (1.53 MB 1920x1080 qcKMmBk.jpg)
The Mandalorian Stormtrooper 12/01/2019 (Sun) 17:55:10 No.554
Pirated, of course. Yidsney can fuck right off. Don't ever let it touch your money.
That said, what do you guys think of it so far? So far it feels like it's supposed to be a space western. The whole thing about the MC taking care of baby Yoda is going over my head but the combat seems pretty good, and they're actually portraying assassin droids and Imperial walkers as the death machines they're meant to be. The main theme is also pretty great, and doesn't rely on John Williams for once.
It started out alright but I lost all interest once he spared the little goblin.
Open file (75.03 KB 800x547 One_Chance.jpg)
I suppose it's probably the least bad entry in the rodent iteration of the space wizard saga so far. Been watching it since my family decided they wanted Disney+ even though they have a shelf full of basically every Disney film ever made glad I'm not the one paying, and it's alright so far- notably better than any other official stuff from the past half decade. Still has it's issues though.
The Good:
>they actually remembered ayys were a thing, and have done an alright job of utilizing them so far
>most of the characters are convincing up until the third episode
>not relying on the main narrative of the films or it's characters, in a live action show
>those clone wars flashbacks
>no shitty marvel-tier "humor" or quips as of yet
>The mando wears the armor
The bad:
>soundtrack can be meh half the time
>the female merc/soldier character introduced in the third episode isn't very convincing
>no mand'oa- it got replaced with "muh foundlings" and some Ugandan knuckle mantra
>furloni is probably going to include graphic space wolf furfaggotry at some point
Open file (236.75 KB 847x261 1.jpg)
>ugly fat mystery meat beats mandalorian
>women constantly better at fighting / shooting weapons.
Its probably filthy with sjw trash like this which the normal fags somehow accept with no problems because its not TLJ......
Disney wars not even once=
Reminder to pirate the fuck out of this shit.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4
This episode is pretty much pure feminism where a fat chick completely owns the Mandalorian. They got rid of the IG-88 copycat just to replace him with a fat chick.
Open file (300.53 KB 1024x261 shittiedr.jpg)
updated pic.
>Yidsney can fuck right off. Don't ever let it touch your money.
Been on that for at least a decade.
>what do you guys think of it so far?
No idea. I've heard it's good , but the nuTrilogy has made sure I couldn't give a shit about anything new that comes out of SW. Even if it's actually good, I can't imagine (((disney))) will sit there and let it keep making their movies look even worse then they already do.
Gonna have to add another point to the shitlist
>turns out there's another not-Tatooine, even though everything on that planet looks the same
The choice of actor for that character is pretty bad. Had they chosen someone more along the lines of Sigourney Weaver and made the character an alien, I'd have a lot less reservations about that part.
Doing god's work, anon.
Open file (398.38 KB 790x625 ds.jpg)
The casting is shit across the board , too much so-called "diversity™".
Women beating men in fighting even beating the established "tough guy" is not only ridiculous & off putting but its become an odious trope (weak men vs feminist conception of a strong woman) in disney & hollywood media because of their continued efforts to social engineer therefore there is noway to have a woman directly win in a fight against a man that is not off putting cringe nor should it be something that is considered or needs to happen at all.
>Been on that for at least a decade.
Everyone with intelligence understood this for years, J.R.R. Tolkien for instance understood this several decades ago.
>another not-Tatooine
They are obsessed copying Tatooine I think even the Not-Star Wars part of their disney parks are based on the middle east. So
WTF is their obsession with desert planets?
>WTF is their obsession with desert planets?
I'm not sure, but this example is particularly egregious because it has everything from jawas in sandcrawlers to the exact same style of architecture. The terrain even looks fairly similar to the jundland wastes. At that point, why even bother trying to pretend it's a different planet?
>WTF is their obsession with desert planets?
Deserts are boring, empty places and easy to make on screen.
First two episodes were gold, imo on the same level as old LF animated shows, but that's really no surprise cause Filoni. Third was alright but the fourth jumped the shark. Stronk womerns fucking punching Beskar & shit, his helmet coming off when it never should've throughout the whole series, etc. The massive amount of shillposting around it made it 10x worse & made me drop it tbh.
>there is noway to have a woman directly win in a fight against a man that is not off putting cringe nor should it be something that is considered or needs to happen at all
Technically it CAN happen irl, the problem is that they rarely show the other outcome anymore so it's all one-sided. Definitely a trope that needs doing away with.
> possible for a woman to win in a direct fight against a man.
This is fantasy land fables, in a contest of strength women are always inferior the only way stronk wahmen can win is if they abuse sickly and or elderly men (pic related).
just watched the first 3 episodes. surprisingly, it's halfway decent so far, easily the least bad of Disney Wars' offerings, with R1 in second place.

>WTF is their obsession with desert planets?
it's easier to copy&paste an established setting (Tatooine) than to create your own.
Poor old man. Imagine putting an older family member in such a place.

Also this is unironically the fate every mouth breathing die hard evil multicultiralist boomers deserve.
What was up with her knocking him out with a bare-fisted punch to his helmet?
Open file (1.46 MB 2750x1692 1564302078068.jpg)
I think because of the garbage called the disney trilogy & the disney prequels the bar for what is considered "decent for disney" is very low. I have not seen mando but from what I can tell it seems to have the same sjw shit presented in a more tolerable way for the general public, I have no interest in seeing a fat body positivist,sassy, brown, wahmyn humiliate men or see that every white man character is either an incompetent idiot or evil.
Remember also there is an election coming up so I would fully expect the show to inevitably degrade itself further by getting even more political.
They should have had the balls to just say it Tatooine in that case, there are way too many desert planets already.
> wahmyn
Must be stronker than superman or racism,fat shaming,sexist,etc.
>in a contest of strength women are always inferior the only way stronk wahmen can win is if they abuse sickly and or elderly men
They can and have won through straight underestimation & smahts. But it entirely relies on the man being a total oblivious dumbass. So it isn't COMPLETELY outside the realm of believability now & then, but needs to be balanced by also showing when they go for that ebin stronk womerns shit & get their shit pushed in, humiliatingly.
But of course they "can't" show that now.
>the bar for what is considered "decent for disney" is very low
This. Mando is, at its best, competent. Which is such a huge improvement it seems miraculous.
Because filming in a desert is the easiest and most cost effective setting. It's not a jungle, or a mountain, or a big urban looking set. It's just rock and sand with some props.
Also Episode 5 came out.
>can close her mouth
>eyes aren't constantly trying to escape her head
>is a QT
Even if it was only for the reason of muh dick she would have made the nutrilogy better.
Disney is not here to make money, it's here to program the masses from cradle to grave. That's why it makes money.

Star wars was made from the beginning to do just that. It's the 70s, divorces were going mainstream. Let's make a movie about a kid who was not raised by his own parents. The scene when Luke looks at the destroyed Jawa convoy with Kenobi is textbook Hollywood hinting that it knows about what's going to affect world events while the goys even struggle to make the connection.

60 years later, the economy no longer allows a majority of men to have successful families. Mando comes as a way of saying that you need to support (irl pay taxes) for the children of others. Even tho you'll never have a family. Then your taxes pay for the elderly boomers as well, that's why you're the hero. Because they couldn't do it without you. That's what Disney is about. Making you feel good about your own slavery.

Look at the board composition. Derica Rice is a graduate from CVS: he left big pharma for Disney. Think about it for a while. Francis deSouza who sits on the board owns a company named Illumina FFS. Maria Elena Lagomasino: JP Morgan. Michael Froman: CFR. Safra Catz: an Israeli-born American banker and CEO of Oracle. Mary Barra: graduated from General Dynamics (aka F16s).

Only watch Disney content if you can look at it critically, i.e. if you understand how their content is meant to allow global change and world events past and future to have their intended effects. That change starts with the family, and ends with its absence.
yeah? then what was the zog message in the first two movies of the mouse trilogy? because i dont see anything tangible
Thanks, watched the 1st and that's enough to see this is bullshit. The only parts worth watching was the IG blasting the fuck out of everything 360 style.

Fuck the magic ugnaught(or whatever BS rip off of them). Nigger only has to tell him "You're ancestors could, pussy" and he takes a completely different approach to riding?

Also the carbon freezing bothered the fuck out of me. Every example of carbon freezing has been done in a specialized sunken chambers, but this fuck has a couple sprayers on the wall that do the job? Makes the chamber in ESB seem like its overbuilt.

The ultra violence is just bait for the soycucks that didn't eat up TLJ and Solo. It will slowly get faded out when Disney makes money off of IX
FEMINISM, profagshit, weak men, xenophila,destroying the past, subversion of the hero narrative & nihilism.
bullshit, none of the aliens are remotely fuckable
Please point out the scenes in TFA and TLJ where a Twi’lek appears.
>TFA and TLJ
Have Twi'leks even appeared at all in any SW media since (((disney))) took over? Or for that matter any aliens that could be considered fuckable by someone that isn't a degenerate furry?
No they made everything ugly & gay none of the women cast in disney star wars are pretty in fact they have gone out of their way to cast ugliness.
Notice the pattern to their casting: old haggard lesbian types (all in leadership roles holdo, leia, republic commanders), pudgy short dark haired "younger" near 30 or slightly over that are still finding themselves (rose, Rey,etc.) women, and central africans with very black skin & football shaped heads (they went out of their way to find the ugliest blacks they could for this) the next film will even get the CY+4 afroed sassy variety found in any new game the stronk black woman who don't need no man aka the millionth copy of the "coffee" character from shitty 1970's black films.
None of these women have tits despite Marysue & Rose being pudgy somehow miraculously they both lack tits or a discernible ass. Disney hates tits & anything that looks remotely female pics related also why does rey always look like she is in a bad need of a shower, her hair & skin is always greasy & sweaty? I think this "look" is by design rather than bad hygiene from the actress.
Open file (122.95 KB 400x320 hera syndulla.jpg)
In Rebels there was a Twi'lek. Hera Syndulla.
>why does rey always look like she is in a bad need of a shower, her hair & skin is always greasy & sweaty? I think this "look" is by design rather than bad hygiene from the actress.

I noticed the same, it's gross. I mean, it would be logical to look like that while being a scavenger, but in general she always looks untidy in the movies.
You are correct (((disney))) chose actors who are not particularly attractive for this saga.
Open file (274.89 KB 1024x1450 Jango_OP.jpg)
Episode 2 as released in 2002 barely a year after 911. An army of clones coming from the seas wrecking havoc through the known universe in service of the Republic. Nobody in the Republic knew of their existence yet there they were. The Republic had to come up with some explanation to justify their creation. i.e. provide a false narrative to the public.

Isis fighters were essentially North African/European hybrids, their parents often came from overseas. Beyond the official narrative, the strategic interests they served were those of western democracies. None of them would have ordered the creation of Isis yet there they were.
Kenobi will be about the virtue of devoting your life to protect the children of others. Again, in line with current economics and associated demographics.
>Comparing clones to globalist agendas
Oh fuck right off. They were cool.
You may have noticed Rey and Finn?
Why does she have eyebrows? Twi’leks can’t grow hair.
I like the show (except the 4th episode, Braphog Dallas Howard is a shitty director). The pacing and the style remind me of Samurai Jack.
The B2 droids are scary
>pic related
I think that has more to do with them being niggers then women.
Is shill character in every fucking episode? I thought it was just a one off? Though with how popular it is with people who don’t watch Star Wars or even care about it it’s obvious they’d milk him to fuck. It just seems like a dumb fuck mix.
Who is "shill character"? The only constant characters in the show so far are mando and the baby.

Since when is Filoni known for inserting furry stuff? I'm a furry, and have never taken notice of this.
>Who is "shill character"
The fucking yoda infant.

>Since when is Filoni known for inserting furry stuff?
You must be blind to have missed the wolf-fetishism present in Rebels and the last seasons of TCW.
I mean, there were depictions of animals. I guess you're referring to stuff like this: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Wolf
To me, that's pretty innocuous. Furry to me would be full on anthro's; bonus points if they are blatantly sexual. Otherwise you might as well be dumping on any piece of media with non-human animals in it.
>The fucking yoda infant.
Funnily enough it doesn't seem Yidsney though that it would become as popular as it did. But they sure as hell are going to milk it for every drop now that it has caught on.
Open file (2.97 MB 720x400 Ass Man.webm)
>baby yeed a shill character
how does it feel to be such a fucking faggot
What is the context of this?
Is that a male or female butt?
>bullshit, none of the aliens are remotely fuckable
It doesn't have to be about fucking, just demonizing humans (=whites) in favor of always positive alien models (=foreigners).
Due to the curvature it certainly looks female but I won't make a call without seeing the front.
>twi'leks can't grow hair
I've never heard that, but maybe they paint them on.
I think its a man's. Rule of thumb is if you can't 100% guarantee its a female, assume it is a man.
>Twi’leks can’t grow hair.
That's weird. You'd think (((disney))) would really love them then.
Open file (83.20 KB 604x550 1573518696809.jpg)
She's the most modestly dressed female twilek ever. Might as well be wearing a hijab. Also Rebels sucks.
Open file (418.08 KB 622x437 stare.png)
>>638 >Disney is not here to make money ... That's why it makes money. I think we're on the same side, but your reasoning sucks
Nothing happened on episode 6, save for a male Twi'Lek with female Twi'lek lekku. Episode 7 brought IG-11 back as a tea bot. Woman wins every fight as always. Mando gets bodied as always. Cool TIE Fighter. A bit of a sad end.
Let me recap: 1. Series starts out fine, but with a distasteful tinge of edgedark from the sequels 2. Baby Yoda brings down the IQ of the series to room temperature level 3. Stronk womyn is introduced and everything returns to sequel tier shit
I just watched two episodes. It's pretty intriguing to have a Star Wars protagonist be threatened by Jawas. It's refreshing. Is there any reason why they went with some random Mandalorian instead of Boba Fett like originally planned?
>>1317 >Is there any reason why they went with some random Mandalorian instead of Boba Fett like originally planned? They never intended to have Boba Fett as the protagonist.
Open file (1.58 MB 960x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Watched the full series, and it was iffy. Not a brilliant series, and there's clear points/characters that will only be expanded upon in the comics. Not a fan of the overarching 'secretly saving the galaxy' vibes I'm getting from the baby Yoda and Imperial remnants, I don't know if anyone else gets this too. I don't know why an inconsequential character can't be the main character - I want to see a bounty hunter do bounty hunter things, not see him become a key player in the galactic stage. Its pretty obvious Marvel-tier writing from Disney, coupling with the 'you can do anything you put your mind to' meme that normalfags spout. Also pic related having glasses in-universe pisses me off something chronic. It just doesn't fit. That said, its not all bad. Its nice to see a galaxy responding to the death of the empire, even just the small details. The episodes are fairly self contained which is nice, but could've been handled better. The Mandalorians have been handled decently (most likely because Filoni is on the writing team) and the nostalgia bait is reigned in - fuck I missed those midget space Gypsies. IG droids are back and so are OT aliens. Mando getting his ass kicked every episode is repetitive but at least he isn't a Gary Stu like other Yidsney characters. George's help is clearly noticeable in areas too. Overall, its worth a watch if you can pirate it. Don't expect a stellar show, but it is certainly the best SW material that's been put out since TFA.
>>1334 >Don't expect a stellar show, but it is certainly the best SW material that's been put out since TFA. Honestly I think this might be the biggest problem with The Mandalorian. It's mediocre, but because it's not absolute trash like everything else Diseny has done with Star Wars so far people are jizzing over it and will probably run out to buy all the brand new baby Yoda merchandise that Disney shits out. Though I'll find it funny when all the people that have been saying how great the show is are surprised when the second season is woke.
Watched the first two of episodes. I like the struggles the MC put through, he doesn't just fuck everything up effortlessly and gets knocked around a few times, although they'd better not go overboard with it. Baby Yoda is neat and cute but if they keep him around as the comic relief it's going to get old really fast. I'm not a fan of the music to be honest, it fits neither a western, space sci-fi or star wars. Also I like the colored storyboard arts at the end credits of every episode.
>>1341 I think that about sums it up. The show is really average with only 1 or 2 impressive highlights but the only reason everyone is sucking its dick so hard is because its the only thing Disney has made that even comes close to being remotely good.
>>1347 >>1352 It gets worse later on, though. TM is indeed pozzed, does indeed starr a weak male and a stronk womyn. The bloom is off the rose, let's not get stuck at the first impressions.
>>1369 Yeah I watched up to Episode 4 as there isn’t anything else in the thread. The fourth episode was definitely the weakest, but none of them felt really good. It’s ridiculous having Mando (can we call him that?) get beaten up by a bare-fisted girl through his armor. The entire plot of training the village was also awful and its resolution even worse. A lot of it just feels convenient and lazy writing as if they hadn’t a concern for how things work. Even the Star Wars movies has the ambiguous Force, which allows for some suspension of disbelief. There were multiple moments where it felt like “this shouldn’t work.” I would’ve much rather had the show be about him being a bounty hunter. I’m not interested in him as a character, but his line of work. Baby Yoda is a perfectly acceptable addition to the show for a few episodes if they must, but it should see a conclusion well before the series finale. It’s a shame this show will never what I wanted to be; raw Star Wars, stripped of any of the philosophy and messaging.
Watched episode 8 and it was like watching a cinematic version of a videogame. Scout trooper scene could've been really good but instead opted for the Marvel-tier humour route, stormtroopers were just expendable ineffective mooks (even though there were more than enough to be an actual threat), Disney Troopers™ were tough enough to last longer and be more of a threat, main characters were able to tank several direct shots to the chest (hell even Mando survived an explosion) and blast their way through Imps like a hot knife through butter, the entire Mandolorian enclave bar the blacksmith was massacred by the same troopers that were easily defeated by the 4 main characters, Moff Gideon now has links to Mando and he has the darksaber (that conveniently wasn't used at all during the fight), every TIE fighter blows up instantly when crashing in other nu-wars movies but Gideon's conveniently doesn't, and nobody acts like they're actually in a firefight - everyone just stands still and takes aim without using cover. >>1395 The only reason I remotely like her is they actually cast an MMA fighter for her - better than a britbong stick figure. But yeah, fighting bare-fisted is laughably retarded but most likely copied and pasted from Marvel flicks. Also baby Yoda seems to be the main arc for the series as Mando can't resume his bounty hunter job until he delivers him to his kind.
Episode 8 >Scout troopers being portrayed as angry baby-hitting caricatures for no reason >Same troopers walk up to a fucking IG droid with blaster pistols instead of just getting on their bikes and blasting it >Mandalorian blasters offing B2 droids with just 3 shots (???) >IG comes to the Mando and his group for no reason instead of just leaving with the kid >Mando picks up a fucking mounted gun and waves it around like it's nothing (which is fucking great but still) >More dumb baby goblin shit >Mando is unmasked, which ruins his whole character >Fucking baby mandalorian jedi yoda >"You're the father until it's old enough to go back to its kind" >Obligatory scene of armorer lady beating a squad of storms with fucking smithing tools (which really wasn't necessary for her character at all) >Black imperial villain obviously didn't die, he deserves more development than the previous white imperial villain guy Fortunately IG-11 steals the spotlight yet again, but now that he's dead, I think I'm pretty much done with this show.
I'm pretty surprised there weren't any not-so-subtle ORANGE MAN BAD messages in this or scenes where white women get culturally enriched by niggers. But then again I didn't watch it because I have no interest in watching disney molest a corpse.
It's another rogue one, by that I mean it's just as pozzed and anti-white as the rest, but since it's not agressively in your face like Rian Johnson and negro jumpscare Jew Jew, and made by people that actually like the OT, normies don't see a thing and gobble it up (like chad Geeks&Gamers).
>>1415 How is it pozzed?
>>1416 Tranny woman with abnormal strength (mma meme fighter, another bizarre female body just like that GOT freak playing Phasma because you can't have normal women), no white males except ONE token old nazi getting killed like shit (while negro imperial survived and will come back, of course), look also at the village population in episode 4, it's just as bad as (((Reloaded Zion))). Oh and I almost forgot the big lesson of that first season: Mando getting rid of his evil prejudices towards droids ;^), a beautiful lesson of tolerance.
>>1417 A case could be made for whatshername GOT actress's case since Brienne of Tarth in the books is supposed to be this ugly freak but really reading the books you get the feeling someone's describing his muscle fetish, with a delicious flat chest, freckles and thunder thighs but the actress is neither outright ugly(in the sense that she's a freak of a woman), imposing, powerful looking nor is her presence as phasma remotely worth shit. Not like Phasma is worth shit in the first place, what a waste. Wasn't one of the actresses in dubai/jason satham Fast and Furious movie an MMA fighter? She looked nice.
>>554 >the MC taking care of baby Yoda is going over my head It's meant to be a reference to Wolf and Cub. >>613 Damn she looks so much better than Daisy Ridley. Is she a cosplayer or someone that works at that Star Wars theme park area at Disneyland? >>708 Filoni struck me as more of a wolfaboo than a full on furry. Like he seemed like the kind of guy that would draw werewolves and wolf monsters on deviantart than a full on dogfucker. Like >>711 said. Honestly, I think the show is ok. It's great when compared to the other Disney Star Wars stuff but, overall it's ok. I do kind of like how it is episodic for the middle episodes I dislike how everything has to be serialized rather than taking time to explore things.
I watched all of it now and I really liked it. Of course it goes without saying that it's miles above the usual Disney trash, but there are a few things that stand out to me. - Firstly, it meets the one criteria I have, and that is that it fits in with EU continuity. - In the first episode alone, you see Nikto, a Gand, an Ugnaught and a whole bunch of other Star Wars aliens, thus it feels a lot more connected to the Star Wars universe than the ST, which was all uninspired original content do not steal asshole face aliens. You even hear some spoken Huttese. - In the same vein, I like how the show acknowledges that the prequels exist with the B2 battle droids in the flashbacks and the pit droids on Tattooine. - I liked the Imperial remnant with their fucked up, shoddy armors. That's what the First Order should have looked like. - Baby Yoda is cute and I like these wolf and cub kind of stories, so that was a plus for me. - I liked how the Mandalorian keeps getting new armor and equipment, that gives a real sense of progression, kinda like a roleplaying game. - The scene with the two scout troopers in the last Episode was funny and gave me a sense that they were people under their helmets, even if they were assholes. - I liked the music, it gave me a certain KOTOR2 vibe for some reason. I would have liked to hear a familiar John Williams tune or two in there, but I think it fit pretty well overall. - The Ugnaught character was pretty cool. A couple of things I didn't like: - The fact that the MMA chick is able to beat up the Mandalorian through his armor is fucking stupid. Good luck defeating someone wearing heavy armor with your hands, no matter how strong you are. But I guess it's still a fantasy story and that's just the kind of shit you have to accept. - Stormtroopers are fucking useless. They just go down way too easy and can't hit shit, the scene where they take out an entire army in episode 8 was especially grating. - There's two or three episodes I didn't really like, not because they were bad, but because they were totally unrelated to the overarching plot. You could have just cut out the episode with the prison ship, for example. I think that one's my least favorite, for that reason. Still, definitely the best thing Star Wars since the buyout. I'd even say it's the only thing worth watching.
I liked it overall. I don't mind MMA chick because I have a fetish for thicc girls and in terms of female characters she is the least annoying one Disney has made. Baby Yoda was also totally going to fucking kill her for acting up in front of a man. The last episode felt a bit rushed. Moff Negro just kind of came out of nowhere and killed Herzog for no apparent reason. And it was hard to have a teary goodbye for the droid after ten minutes of knowing him. The bar is pretty low for Star Wars now. I really liked the Jawa storming scene.
>>1472 >>1473 After watching the last episode I find the mma chick thing partially forgivable given the Ugnaught explains she was GMO, so more of a bronze tier sin than a gold tier FUCKOFF now, at least for me. She still should have lost to the Mando considering fighting is not only a religion to him but that he has the armor. The sniper farmer woman is still a break in my suspension of disbelief and episode four is more or less dead to me except for the AT-ST. I enjoyed seen an IG droid shoot things to death even though there wasn't much character development for 11 to get attached to. What I really don't get is how nobody has the slightest clue who jedi are or what the force is despite the jedi order being a prominent galactic force only 23 years ago; the yidney lore rewrite as a whole seems to be doing that and any old wanker should be old enough to remember them.
Open file (41.92 KB 343x317 1557331713.jpg)
I want the MMA chick to pin me down and snu-snu me.
>>1566 >i'm a homosexual Okay.
>>1565 I think the bit with the farm woman being good at shooting is meant to reference a Western trope. But yeah I'm surprised they don't know about the Jedi. I thought Cara would've at least heard of Luke given she fought for the Rebellion.
>>1566 Why wouldn't you want to pin her down and snu-snu her instead?
>>1566 For shame. >>1565 The fact that she wants to be a mother and is of Alderaan descent despite having been part of the empire also kind of makes her come off as less like a feminist model and more like a person. Too bad the show is still Disney shit.
>>1469 >baby yoda being anything more than a jewish cash grab
>>1655 The first successful one, after BB8 and the Porgs failed. It's proof you can never rest: the enemy is always trying throwing something new at the wall, and eventually one will stick. And then you are back to square one: The Mandalorian has breathed new life in this shambling zombie, which should have died with EP9.
>>1666 >The Mandalorian has breathed new life in this shambling zombie, which should have died with EP9. These fucking morons I associate with won't stop gushing about how "awesome" and "dark" it is, and outright deny shit like >>1417 points out. I want it all to die at this point, anons.
>>1668 The marketing was clever with the Mandalorian they built hype around it, gave it away for free to verizon customers, made the Madalorian look like a gritty gunslinger show (with visuals), ripped off Boba Fett character, made a soy infused "cute thing" (small "yoda") and purposely did not release a toy to build a demand for it among fags & cat ladies the you tube e-retards all "fell for it"...... and of course normal fags bought into the hype, hell they even used that irrelevant show South park to shill for the Mandalorian.... perhaps the secret of turning shitty writing into "good writing" is adding in cute things with infant features....I miss tits & ass in films.
>Physically strong women and good looking women are mutually exclusive Does no one from hollywood remember American Gladiators? Or T2 Sarah Connor? Hercules' Atlanta/Xena? Red Sonja?
Open file (1.21 MB 1306x2225 Giunone-Cesi.jpg)
>>1677 Those can be described as junoesque beauty, albeit with a severe case of manjaw (a very american trait). Juno was depicted as a curvy and muscly mature woman, not really a classic beauty like Helena.
>>1678 But are there no actresses who'd work out or anyone you can cast for that role? I mean going off what I remember of /fit/'s """nofap"""" threads there's a fair amount of instagram fitness models who aren't particularly shy. Hell to an extent I'd call any plain jane on the street more attractive than a good chunk of actresses who either fall into super plain territory(Rey or any mcu actress) or ugly black woman who insists on a very unflattering haircut which makes her look even less appealing(a metric fuckton of characters but Naomi Nagata from The Expanse is what I can think of at the moment. Fuck me even that indian(?) grandma is more appealing in a regal way than that cunt) so you can't really say they wouldn't be attractive enough for hollywood. Could it be that someone like that one chick from that one webm where she crushes a watermelon with her thunder thighs is unsuitable for casting couches?
>>1686 >that one chick from that one webm where she crushes a watermelon with her thunder thighs this one?
>>1693 Yep. I'd like to see her do that to Rey.
>>1565 >What I really don't get is how nobody has the slightest clue who jedi are or what the force is despite the jedi order being a prominent galactic force only 23 years ago; the yidney lore rewrite as a whole seems to be doing that and any old wanker should be old enough to remember them. I haven't watched it yet and I probably know less about SW than most anons here but hasn't this been a problem since prequels were made? The OT has many characters that act like Jedi are some ancient obscure order and nobody really believes in the force, yet the prequels show how prominent they were just 20 years ago. Sure it doesn't make much sense but at least it's consistent with many of the stuff from a new hope. >>562 Got any more where that came from?
>>1706 If I were to hazard a guess based on what I know about SW, I would say Imperial propaganda/re-writing of history has a lot to do with it. You also have to consider that we, as the audience, know infinitely more about the lore than the average commoner in the galaxy. The Jedi often sat around on Coruscant and, prior to the Clone Wars seldom ventured out from there unless they were on some kind of diplomatic or peace-keeping mission - most people probably didn't know a lot about Jedi to begin with. Give it 20+years of zero activity and it's not surprising that this continues to be the case. The reason it doesn't make sense in TFA is because Jedi involvement was directly responsible for the end of the GCW, and from what we can tell Luke was a decently well-known figure, having received accolades in ANH and garnering a reputation at least among the Alliance/New Republic - who would be in charge of running the propaganda/media after the fall of Sheev.
>>1709 Thanks Anon, I was just about to say the exact same thing. Also, the Mandalorian takes place relatively recently, and we can assume that the fact that Luke was in fact a Jedi was unknown to the average rebel soldier. Unless EU material states otherwise, I don't know too much about that.
>>1711 Meant to say "recently after the fall of the Empire".
Just finished the first episode. I liked it. To bad I didn't initially plan on watching it or I would have avoided spoilers beforehand. >>1709 I've only watched TFA but their lore about Jedi and politics seems all over the place in these new films. I still think can make within Mandalorian as this anon explained: >>1711 This I can agree with. Maybe it was rumored in the rebellion that Luke was a Jedi but that's not enough to immediately make them common knowledge again in the entire galaxy. Though I still have to see how Mandalorian handles it. It's reasonable if people don't believe in the force but I'm not buying it if nobody has ever heard about the Jedi.
>>554 I would have vastly preferred this show if it didn't focus so heavily on "Baby Yoda." It would have been better if the series was comprised of 2- or 3-episode arcs, each telling the story of a specific bounty, with an overarching story being told in the background.
>>1686 Juno aka Hera wasn't an amazon, but an adult woman with the developed physique of labor and age. Comparable to the modern stereotype of the country matron.
Open file (315.52 KB 500x419 Bobbie.png)
>>1836 I'm not asking for amazons my dick is but it's not the one watching, I'm asking for women who look like they're actually physically capable ala T2 Sarah Connor instead of flat twigs where the actresses don't even seem like they've ever went to a gym. Like compare the opening scene of Justass League(yeah it's a shit movie but bear with me) with the reveal of whatshisname villain. You have the amazon island where you have women who look like they've put in labor and you have women who are most likely bodybuilders(the ones holding up the gates for the horse rider) and someone like that I'd buy for a physically strong female character in a movie or a show. Contrast those actresses with the ugly human stick they cast for WW or the joke that is embed related(she's supposed to be an insanely physically strong character, she gets punched and she doesn't even step back or anything, it's the terminator/big muscle character where the punch just has them turn their head one way, and then look back and she armwrestles a hydraulic robot hand so hard she nearly rips it apart) Just have the actresses look like they've put in some physical effort. When you have nearly every male actor look like he's spent a lot of time in the gym when they're meant to be playing physically strong characters. Or they should just stop writing characters that are capable at everything instead of acknowledging that each character can have their own strengths, someone leads, someone fights, someone sneaks, etc.
>>1899 >T2 Sarah Connor I have a hard time coming up with any character like that besides her and Vasquez. Actually, looking both up again they aren't even all that buff. Judging by the image you posted, this girl might even have more muscle mass. However, the rest of the looks and the acting has to fit. Sarah and Vasquez actually have the talent to make a character like that believable. As a negative example, there's Michelle Rodriguez. She's got many movies where she's the "though action chick" and I never buy her performance, no matter how hard she tries.
>>1913 >She's got many movies where she's the "though action chick" and I never buy her performance, no matter how hard she tries. Yeah I agree. It's weird too, there's nothing too tomboyish about her besides her always scowling face.
>>1565 >>1706 > What I really don't get is how nobody has the slightest clue who jedi are or what the force is despite the jedi order being a prominent galactic force only 23 years ago That’s how I always understood it was, I haven’t watched any of TM but in the Medstar Battle Surgeon book they’re helping clones in some buttfuck outer rim planet and people have heard of the Jedi but most don’t believe in them or they force. Even when Barris Ofee, uses the force one of the surgeons who’s from the core still thinks it’s some trick. I like that idea better because people from the outer core have little connection to the republic let alone Jedi. And even if there are a million Jedi total, which I think the EU said there were only a few hundred thousand at most including the ecocorps ones, like 99% of all people would never even see someone who’s seen a Jedi in action. Plus their role is protector of the republic, they weren’t politicians or in the spotlight until the clone wars.
>>1913 Ripley.
>>1923 You are correct. No idea how I could forget her.
>>1923 Ripley was the best in the first Alien, where she acted like a woman. Then she got CAMERON'd
>>1899 >women who look like they're actually physically capable ala T2 Sarah Connor Actually when Terminator 2 came out, Sarah Connor was still considered blatant pandering. Women don't belong to combat scenarios, period. Parents knew they were watching a politically correct show with women and kids fighting robots, and kids gouged their eyes out whenever John Connor's mom had her token stronk womyn scene, instead of letting Arnie loose like they wanted.
>>1923 >Ripley. Again, yesterday's bluepills are today's redpills. Ripley was never a traditional strong woman, to be compared favorably to feminist Mary Sues. Ripley is absolutely a Mary Sue and all male fighters around her are purposedly to die in idiotic and sadistic ways, in order for her to shine as a last survivor. Because there's nothing to Ripley's character, than simply being there because everyone else died first. You just try and explain me why the fuck the xenomorph in Alien 1 is an invincible god as long as it's been hunted by everyone, but suddenly when it's face to face against her in the finale, it then becomes a matter of just pulling a little trick like a fucking quicktime event. Or sit down and explain slowly the bullshit of Ripley escaping with Newt from the hive, without five hundred alien warriors dropping on top of her after she's fired the eggs. Action women characters have always been jew subversion, they just didn't tell you outright back then.
>>1941 >You just try and explain me why the fuck the predator is an invincible god as long as it's been hunted by everyone, but suddenly when it's face to face against arnie in the finale, it then becomes a matter of just pulling a little trick like a fucking quicktime event. Because traps are the best way of dispatching of someone who's clearly stronger than you? >Ripley's escape in the end of aliens didn't make much sense It's been years since I watched it so I can't remember if there was any reason given for it but that doesn't seem any less "realistic" than stuff many other action heroes do.
>>1941 >Ripley was never a traditional strong woman That's why she was a good female protagonist. She was just the average Jane trying to survive. The fact that you could replace her with a male actor (in fact Ripley was originally supposed to be portrayed by a male actor) shows how neutral the character was written. "Girl power" bullshit was completely absent. >Ripley is absolutely a Mary Sue She got imprisoned and died falling into a pit of lava with a chestburster popping out of her chest. >You just try and explain me why the fuck the xenomorph in Alien 1 is an invincible god as long as it's been hunted by everyone, but suddenly when it's face to face against her in the finale, it then becomes a matter of just pulling a little trick like a fucking quicktime event. She literally ran away from the fucking thing the entire movie and barely managed to eject it from her pod. Outer space killed the alien for her. A mary sue would've beaten the Alien in single combat.
>>1941 >explain me why the fuck the xenomorph in Alien 1 is an invincible god as long as it's been hunted by everyone, but suddenly when it's face to face against her in the finale, it then becomes a matter of just pulling a little trick like a fucking quicktime event Because there was a trick to pull. There's not a lot they could do trapped in tight crawlspaces with the thing trying to hit it with a flamethrower. >the bullshit of Ripley escaping with Newt from the hive, without five hundred alien warriors dropping on top of her after she's fired the eggs Aside from ordinary action movie convenience, keep in mind the aliens got nerfed hard for the sequel in general. Also, Mary Sues normally don't get raped in the mouth by a psychopath android.
>>1943 >Because traps are the best way of dispatching of someone who's clearly stronger than you? But it's Ripley who's trapped, there is no way for a human to survive being locked in a cage with a xenomorph. The fact that she's not killed as soon as they depart (because presumably, the xenomorph understood shit was going down in the Nostromo) is pure plot armor. >>1953 I'll tell you the truth: you've been hearing this mantra that Sarah Connor, Ripley and Vasquez were the REAL FEMINISTS for so long, that the deprogramming would take years. But you can only get it out of your system when you start seeing the cracks in its logic. >She got imprisoned and died falling into a pit of lava with a chestburster popping out of her chest. Literally Jesus, an heroic mother's sacrifice hardly diminishes her character and none ever thought so. >A mary sue would've beaten the Alien in single combat. Same thing, she's outsmarted the xenomorph in a David and Goliath way. All that matters is she could while everyone else didn't, and you're moving the goalposts to provide an arbitrary modus operandi of Mary Sues. The people who push diversity and anti-male propaganda in Hollywood were the same in the 1980s and the 2010s. There has never been a good version of feminism or civil rights.
>>1955 >every capable female character is anti-male propaganda and if you disagree then you brainwashed Don't try to shut up discussion and counter arguments like that.
Should have just sent in a bunch of Shotas in dresses to defeat the Ayys in Aliens. They would have gotten confused and it would have produced a much better film.
>>1955 >All that matters is she could while everyone else didn't What kind of complete nonsense is that? A movie has to have everyone die or nobody, else the last survivor is a Mary Sue? Besides, if Alien was feminist propaganda why did they have the other female character go full hysteria, spend the whole movie screaming and crying, and then get raped to death with the alien's blade-tail?
>>1955 The original Alien was never a feminist statement, although I wouldn't be surprised if it has been relabled as such. For the first movie, Ripley was gender swapped and cast mere weeks before the shoot and the idea was "no one will expect the suvivor to be a woman"
>>1955 >you've been hearing this mantra that Sarah Connor, Ripley and Vasquez were the REAL FEMINISTS for so long I haven't. I appreciate their acting, but I don't think women would be able to do what they did in real life for a minute. >All that matters is she could while everyone else didn't When a group of people meet a killer alien none of them have ever seen before, let alone know how to fight off, each death grants more information about the monster's behavior to those who survive longer. Ripley just had to be the last one out of luck. It could've been anyone. The same thing happens in Predator where Arnold doesn't know how to fight off the alien until everyone else in his team is killed, granting him enough time to stumble upon a method to hide from it, which in turn gives him enough time to think of a way to kill it. The same thing happens in 2001, where Dave survives long enough to find a way to kill HAL. The same thing also happens in Terminator where Reese and Sarah survive long enough to find a way to kill the Terminator. I can point a million mary sues in any movie but Ripley is the one character I know who is not. You're dying on a very stupid hill.
>>1955 Anon there's a deleted scene in Alien where one of the women gets helplessly raped to death by the Alien. I wouldn't call it feminist propaganda.
>>1963 >implying feminists don’t act out like they do solely to piss off some hot dude that will slap them and rape them for acting like a cunt >implying all feminists don’t have wet dreams about being raped
>>1974 >>implying all feminists don’t have wet dreams about being raped I'd imagine the wet dreams involve a handsome muscular man instead of some guy's phallic nightmare.
>>1956 >every capable female character is anti-male propaganda >capable Strawman, and now you're answering EXACTLY like a leftist does when Rey is brought up. This is undeniable and should be food for thought, if you actually care that they're in your head. Again, the argument is that neither Sarah or Ripley or Vasquez are any capable, just glorified survivors via male shaming and plot armor. >>1958 >A movie has to have everyone die or nobody, else the last survivor is a Mary Sue? Killing off main characters to prop up the heroism of the survivor is exactly what they did with Han and Luke in the nutrilogy. Feel stupid yet? >ok but what if one female is a feminist mary sue and another isn't, does it still count? This is retarded, Ripley is the main character in the entire fucking series while others are mere stand ins. >>1961 >Ripley was gender swapped Imagine being still this much self unaware, that you can spout this and have yet no second thoughts about progressive tricks being at play. If leftists keep advancing their agenda is because most of you are gullible imbeciles.
>>1962 >2001, predator have last survivors too Neither Dave or Arnie beat their enemy with a clever trick, that's seemingly an impossible feat to any other human. They both exploit a blind spit in the enemy's vision to strike it: had Ripley killed the alien by venting the entire ship, or donned a spacesuit that would make her invisible to the alien's senses, those would have been strategies comparable to the aforementioned movies. Again, it sounds like I'm talking to a brainwashed Rey fan. >I can point a million mary sues That's the thing, precisely. You can point out a million BUT NOT ALL. Some still get through, this was my entire fucking point: and these are the ones that fuck you up, because you have zero defenses against them and will actually spread their memes. This meme that good feminist action heroes did exist in the 80s is everywhere, and so far you've been so naive to never question it. And why? Because those movies are cool, end of story.
>>1981 >Neither Dave or Arnie beat their enemy with a clever trick Dave, without a helmet, opened the airlock and blew the explosive bolts on the rear of the pod, and the force of the blast threw him directly into the airlock. He managed to reach the lever to seal and repressurize the airlock before the vacuum sucked the air out of his lungs. He should've fucking died twice over from that, but he didn't. Arnie realized the predator had thermal vision and overloaded his sensors with bright explosions and fire. Are you telling me setting up traps isn't a clever trick in your arbitrary criteria? >venting the entire ship That is the opposite of survival, you fucking idiot. She did exactly that at the end of the movie because she had no other option. >donned a spacesuit that would make her invisible to the alien's senses The alien does have eyes, you know. It's not blind. It sounds like I'm talking to a braindead shortbus with a crayon up his nose. >Some still get through Sure, but Ripley isn't one. She never does anything a man can't do better in the movie. You're screeching at the character just because it's a woman. Rey is absolute garbage because she becomes better than all the previous jedi and becomes stronger with the force without training in a week. There's a clear difference. Ripley is to this day one of the ~3 female characters in possibly all of cinema that aren't mary sues. Even then I don't appreciate female leads in movies because the other million already soured my view enough to make me aware stronky womyn is a fucking farce. The only one who's fucked up here is you for seeing shit that isn't there and assuming others are as mentally weak as you.
Do NOT fall for the progressive trick. Do NOT fall for the femoid. Think pure thoughts. Go take a cold shower now.
>>1988 So your argument is that opening an airlock at the and being in the right place to not get killed by the zeno is being a Mary Sue? Sure the Zeno could have been faster than not at all in the escape pod and was seemingly pointlessly sluggish but that is just plot armour, that has nothing to do with the character’s abilities. It’s different when Rey master’s lightsaber combat after cutting a few rocks when Ripley opens a door. The difference is ability and progression, you conflate plot with character ability. The plot has to progress from a to b to c, ect. And the characters have to act in ways that are believable, learning to control the force and fight with a lightsaber in ~3 days in TFA isn’t believable despite the plot requiring Rey to go from not Tattooine to fighting Kylo. This is because she is a bad character and a Mary Sue. Going from being on some cargo ship to being a sole survivor of a Zeno attack could also present a poorly written Mary Sue but instead there is a basic character who you could argue is poorly written due to no progression but that is it the point of the movie who happens to not be where the alien is until the end and then pulls a lever. All of her actions are believable and possible, the alien being slow and clumsy only at the very end isn’t but that has nothing to do with the character of Ripley but the plot. Also the other trooper said Ripley was only coincidentally a female character and you claimed it’s a lie to push feminism, how so?
>>1941 Do you even understand why the Alien was designed like it was? It's meant to have strong sexual undertones, so it works for Ripley to be the survivor because it makes her more vulnerable. Would you rather the film had fag undertones?
>>1991 >Also the other trooper said Ripley was only coincidentally a female character and you claimed it’s a lie to push feminism, how so? Given how rabid he is about everything else and how determined he is to reject the very possibility of a good female character, I'd assume he's claiming that writing a role that could be played by a male or a female is inherently feminist because it implies a woman can ever be a man's equal. Either that or he's suggesting that any time a female is used where either sex could work, it's feminist shoehorning.
Open file (181.46 KB 640x450 dYbJcSl.png)
>>1988 >femoid Fucking wow. Is this guy for real?
>>638 Or you could sum it up by Ebil Nazis in Spayss. When compared to the shit we have now, it seems like, somewhat conservative and half based for some (lol not even close), but it was already shit. Cast contains half Jews, English/Aristocrats are enemies of freedom and it's so over the top (like the Holocaust) that they exterminate 6 billion people by blowing up a planet. Now, the maker of this trilogy became a giant piece of lard, like his ex and his daughters, and this acrid boomer married a sheboon. Imagine in an Aryan world, the Allies would have been the traitors, an evil Empire using false flags and shit to screw over Whites and even other noble peoples. All beaten by Merlin and a young Siegfried. The Emperor would have had a suspicious nose.
>>648 Xeno does not need to mean ETs. Niggers are xenos. Gooks are xenos. Mystery meats are xenos too.
>>663 Having a fucking ROYAL crying because demuhcracy was dying. Geez.
>>1078 Successful yankanime: all of them with ugly drawn characters. (srsly, have you ever considered this?)
>>1953 >Outer space killed the alien for her. No, the shuttle's plasma exhaust at full power did.
>>1980 It's always disbelief. That there was THAT woman, unique in her skills and capable of not going full hysterics or breaking down, facing the big monster. But then again for that kind of job, the chances of meeting less womanly women would be higher. Aliens went full retard with the strong woman trope, a favorite of Coomeron when it's not a purely marxist jab at capitalism. >>1991 >Sure the Zeno could have been faster than not at all in the escape pod and was seemingly pointlessly sluggish but that is just plot armour Wasn't exactly flashing around against all other characters except Dallas since he was running around him in the ducts. > It’s different when Rey master’s lightsaber combat after cutting a few rocks Luke's training much? That was fucking bullshit too in the old movies. It's literally a gaping plot hole.
>>2123 >luke's training >gaping plothole What are you talking about
>>2123 >___ much? Go back to 00’s middle school with the other annoying cunts who still use that inane phrase.
>>2125 The Trooper has a point, though, we don't see Luke do any lightsaber training apart from the scene with the little ball droid in Episode IV, and in VI he's able to not only hold his own against Vader, but is able to defeat him. I'm not going to count the fight in V, because Vader wanted to take him alive, so he held back. Of course you can make the argument that he trained off-screen with Yoda in the gap between V and VI. That's still leagues above Rey, who beat Kylo the first time she picked up a lightsaber. Then again, Finn didn't do too bad, so maybe Kylo just sucks at lightsaber combat.
>>2138 You could say he trained with Obi-Wan around that time with the little ball droid, but of-screen. >He's able to defeat him He is the son of the chosen one after all.
>>2138 Maybe lightsabers just suck in the ST considering how it's only good for lighting up dark caves, cutting up rocks and is only lethal when moonwalking into someone.
>>2139 >You could say he trained with Obi-Wan around that time with the little ball droid, but of-screen. That's a very narrow time window, since it would have only happened on the journey from Tattooine to Alderaan. >He is the son of the chosen one after all. That's not a great argument either, since you can make a similar one about Rey. The thing is that, while it is a bit of a plothole, it's much easier to explain since it could have happened in the gap between V and VI. You can't say that about Rey.
>>2141 Wasn’t there a three year gap between ESB and RoTJ? It’s pretty dumb to think Luke just sat on the couch watching movies that whole time.
>>2142 Yes, that's why I said it's a reasonable assumption to make.
>>2143 And the new trilogy occurs in the space of a week or two doesn’t it? I wouldn’t say it’s a plot hole to teach yourself decent lightsaber skills in three years, while the whole ESB fight is pushing it a bit even if Vader wasn’t trying to kill Luke he seems pretty good despite getting only a few days of training with Yoda.
>>2144 >And the new trilogy occurs in the space of a week or two doesn’t it? TLJ followed directly after TFA, so the first two films together were maybe a week total (TLJ was only what, 16 hours?). Rise of Skywalker was set about a year after TLJ, supposedly.
>>2138 Just a reminder that a certain stormtrooper shows greater skill at lightsaber combat than everyone
>>2138 >The thing is that, while it is a bit of a plothole, it's much easier to explain since it could have happened in the gap between V and VI. What do you mean "could have"? Just look at how much Luke changes between the end of the former and the start of the later. It's obvious that he made enormous progress between those movies. And even then he wasn't able to beat Vader until he tapped into his anger.
>>2197 How did he train, though? You don't really git gut at swordfighting by just swinging it around, you need a sparring partner. And that wasn't Yoda since he lost his lightsaber at the end of Episode III. Unless he got a new one later, I don't know.
>>2219 Vibroblades?
>>2220 And where did they get them from? And why didn't we see them? What I'm getting at is this: It is a plot hole, but a minir one because it can be explained within reason, unlike anything that Rey does.
>>2222 >... unlike anything that Rey does. Ironically Rey can be explained thanks to the last movie. We know that she is the granddaughter of Palpatine, but we never learn who her grandmother is. We also learn that Palpatine has become good enough at cloning that he can create high level force users like Snoke if he tries enough. It wouldn't be strange if Rey's father was a test tube baby intended to be a new body for Palpatine in case of an emergency or some shit and had genetic memory implanted into himself, which was then inherited by Rey. We know genetic imprints have been used before in Star Wars. Rey can do what she did without training because she is the daughter of Palpatine's Übermensch Meatpuppet.
>>2224 I think that's giving a bit too much credit to the Palpatine bloodline. As a Skywalker, Luke should be on the same level at least.
>>1078 I don't think you understood what it meant. They aren't doing it simply to make money; they make money in order to be able to spend it on making more propaganda. Or at least that is what I believe that the anon meant.
>>2224 Nah, I'm calling bullshit. You can be inherently good at something but that implies your training takes you to a higher level than most, not that you don't need to train or even experiment with that something. Unless Sheev's clone was made to force upload force powers with his dick.
>>2224 >b-but what if all this shit that was never shown in the movied is what actually happened then mary sue being far more powerful then anyone ever makes sense Nigger, the only thing we know about Mary Sue's lineage is that she's a Palpatine and Sheev Palpatine himself had to be taught how to use the force. And while we're at it Anakin who was a fucking Jesus baby created by the force itself had to be taught how to us it.
>>2246 >>2244 I mean the snoke excuse sorta holds up, except Snoke being able to force from birth brings up why the other snokes weren't just deployed to fuck everyones shit up with god tier force powers. Actually making snoke able to genetically use his powers from birth just fucks up more things since suddenly it makes zero sense for Sheev to not just deploy a bunch of snokes to butt fuck everyone during the final fight.though even with them needed training, training the fucking things in mass would still make sense instead of not using them at all. Its still some of the most extreme stretching to use that excuse, watch them actually do it.
Was the helmet rule something this series invented or has that ever been brought up before? Jango certainly didn't seem to care for it.
>>2324 Part of the mando code did involve them wearing their armor in daily life, but I'm pretty sure it was nowhere near that stringent.
>>2324 Jango wasn't real thicc.
Open file (688.65 KB 640x910 1580397559421.png)
>>2326 I mean, if Mandalorians only unmasked themselves in the EU then they could just ignore it but it's weird to introduce such a rule that obviously contradicts the movies. >>2328 >Jango wasn't all that curvy. What did he meme by that?
>>2328 But who is? >>2334 They introduced it so the audience would start wondering as to why he never takes it off insert banepost here and it would be a big reveal when it comes off, but it didn't do much for me. Also I wonder if the sequel trilogy(or at least the latter two movies) attempts to reference the prequels, particularly the memes. I don't put it past Disney to go HEY GUYS SAND AMIRIGHT XDDDDD in a movie.
>>2324 >>2326 My theory is that this code the Mandalorains follow in the show is a recent invention. Basically, my theory is the Mandalorians developed a new code after this purge happened to them and became more ritualistic and tribal. The only other thing I can think of is that it's a Deathwatch thing since Mando was raised by them. But, even then they didn't seem that too strict despite being traditionalists.
>>2334 Jango and Boba weren't real Mandos, technically.
>>2341 What? I can accept Boba not being one, since he was probably self-taught after his dad got killed and just re-uses his armor, but since when is Jango not a Mandalorian?
>>>2341 depends on if you're talking about just the films themselves or disney shit or the EU In the EU they're full on Mando, both indoctrinated into the lifestyle at an early age. Jango even hired Mandalorian training sergeants for a top secret gig to train clone trooper special forces on Kamino.
>>2342 >>2343 Because Jango abandoned the creed to be come a bounty hunter, and Boba's a clone.
>>2343 >In the EU they're full on Mando, both indoctrinated into the lifestyle at an early age. Jango even hired Mandalorian training sergeants for a top secret gig to train clone trooper special forces on Kamino. I didn't bring that up since we know disney's stance on the EU and I have no idea what of that would still be canon but that's my information on it too. I even remember a comic in which Jango tells Dooku about how the Jedi slaughtered his brothers and sisters in arms under orders of some corrupt politician. He was certainly a Mandalorian back than. And while we are at EU, none of the old republic material I read has a helmet rule either. >>2344 How does that make sense, considering the MC of this series is a bounty hunter too?
>>2345 The MC in this one works for the benefit of the creed, not exclusively his own pocket.
>>2222 I don’t think it’s a plot hole, you don’t need to be shown every single moment in a character’s story to understand as long as it’s logical. We don’t see how Luke gets to Bespin from Dagobah, he just jumps in his ship and then arrives. It’s not a plot hole that we don’t see him stop to get fuel in between jumps or take a piss. Further it’s between movies which gives even more allowance, no one would say Anakin becoming a padawan and an Apprentice between TPM and AoTC is a plot hole because we didn’t see his training. It’s logical to assume their lives continued and Anakin still being Obi-wan’s apprentice means they’ve been training. Just as it follows that Luke spent the three year gap seeking out training material and work which would help him improve. That training droid Obi-wan used on the falcon to Aldraan, any number of martial arts/sword fighter trainers in the galaxy/rebels, actual rebel missions were he would get combat experience. Besides, the most difficult thing he does in 6 is a mind trick and then fight Vader which he doesn’t do very well agains and runs and hides. It’s not like he attacks the Death Star himself and fights his way to the Emperor and kills both Vader and Palpatine by himself without breaking a sweat, his performance is what could be expected from 3 years of not seeing him. If your argument is that because it’s not fully explained it’s a plot hole, then the force is also a plot hole, as is hyperspace and everything else not explained. Sorry if I drag this out too long or missed your point, I’m quit sick and my head is a bit foggy. Rey on the other hand achieves Jedi Knight level abilities with not a single second of training or practice, and can’t be expected to be done, nor can it be explained because there is no gap of time between her leaving Tatooine and being captured by Soylo.
>>2344 >abandoned the creed to be come a bounty hunter, That’s got nothing to do with not being a mandalorian, even back to KoTOR we see there are Mandalorian bounty hunters and Merck’s, Canderous even goes on to be Mandalore, tell me he wasn’t a real mando because he was a merc after the Mandalorian wars. Not to be a dick but you clearly haven’t read anything about the Mandalorian Civil war, Jaster Mereel’s faction was all about Mandalorians acting as honour bound Mercenaries, and Jango was Mandalore himself for a while. >Boba's a clone And? Jango wasn’t born into a Mando clan, despite what The Meme Wars shows Mandalorians aren’t a species not after they got Humaned.com by a bunch of mandaboos, it’s an ideology, being a clone isn’t a barrier to being a mando, the Alpha troopers and clone commandos were more Mandalorian than than anyone in the clone wars. I used to be a huge Mandaboo and even tried learning Mandoa when I was in high school, so please forgive the ‘tism.
>>2399 >And? Didn't an actual mando say that Boba wasn't one because he was a clone?
Open file (28.79 KB 460x308 aGgMGOZ_460s.jpg)
>>2324 Its the way brother.
>>2403 Where? And how could being a clone possibly mean he’s not a real mando, seems more like shit talking to me because there’s not a single half reason I can think of that would justify that.
>>2413 Mandos think clones are inferior, just like clones think regular non-cloned soldiers are inferior.
>>2416 All Mandalorians? Mandalorian teachings? Where is this ever said? Boba was Mandalore so surely not too many mandos thought so. Yes that was before AoTC
>>610 I hope you realize boomers do it/did it to their elders, and by emulating their behavior, you're putting yourself on their level. Fucking scum.
Open file (47.30 KB 143x266 unamused.jpg)
Should I bother fucking explaining why Mandashit is shit? Reading this thread, it's evident you're all too young to be posting here.
>>2469 >I can’t like things other people like Post birth certificate faggot.
>>2469 Please speak. The Mando shilling must be cleansed. Also I'm pretty sure the hype for this will die off eventually considering there will be no more episodes until October or November.
Open file (189.62 KB 814x564 1570027591267.jpg)
>>2485 Its low effort trash with the same propaganda as the films with 1 major difference Mando managed to successful push the latest disney infant replacement "character" aka merchandise for fat cat ladies & gays. In other words had those crack penguins & the retarded soccer ball actually worked the movies would never have had as much negative PR as they did because the hysterical women demographic & fags love of big eyed "cute things" would have trumped any criticism...... I just have 1 question when does clown world collapse?
>>2541 This place is really dead where is everyone discord?
>>2469 >>2479 >>2485 It's moderately passable. Other than furloni's cult sucking his wolfaboo dick, there's not much else to it.
>>2546 Filoni also inserted himself into the show as a character called Wolf... https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Trapper_Wolf This shit just screams wolfaboo
>>2541 >two paragraphs of retard-speak rambling Good job typing all those words without actually saying anything.
>>609 >R1 >not shit
>>2341 Only in Filoni's garbage and Disney.
>>2341 Did your nigger ass even read Open Seasons? Jango was absolutely a Mando.
>>2485 >>2554 The first three episodes are fine and then the whole series goes to shit. It has all the same problem as the Disney Trilogy. Jokes in the MCU Quipiverse style, characters acting out of universe in a way that only people from the real world would act, tonal inconsistency. As an example, take the Scout Trooper scene from the last episode which all the retards love. It's something straight out of Space Balls, and it comes right after a loved character was just murdered by the two troopers. They are shitting over their own story and not allowing the audience to take anything seriously.
>>2559 I sort of liked episodes 2 and 3. But episode 1 only had 3 or 4 scenes I liked since the rest of it was chock full of Disney references and aliens from TLJ and Solo all over the place. The only other episode I sort of liked was episode 6 but it quickly shat itself by talking about stuff from The Last Jedi and Force Awakens.
>>2561 >The only other episode I sort of liked was episode 6 but it quickly shat itself by talking about stuff from The Last Jedi and Force Awakens Wait. I thought this series takes place before those.
>>2546 We’re talking about the show “The Mandalorian”? I haven’t seen a single minute of that show, I’m only talking about Mandalorians, not the yidsney show. I thought >>2469 was just mad that people like Mandalorians.
>>2562 It does. That crap just references stuff that will be in TLJ and TFA. Every episode except episode 2 has some reference or alien to the Disney films.
Thrawn, the orange kid from Clone Wars, and Mara Jade are going to be in the next season. Assoka is being played by Rosario Dawson and Mara Jade by Brie Larson. Thrawn is still unknown. This has bad news written all over it.
>>2755 >ind4 we see Jon Favreau give Mark Hamill-style [dead inside] interviews
Open file (404.31 KB 538x633 absolute hatred.png)
>>2755 >Mara Jade played by Brie Larson Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me!
Open file (15.78 KB 164x185 galactic strife.jpg)
>>2760 every role in every film will be recast as nigger
Open file (194.20 KB 1032x1280 briejedi.jpg)
I hope Brie is cast, especially as an EU character, the seething would be legendary.
>>2755 >Brie Larson I mean what can go wrong with taking one of the most hated actors from the MCU who plays one of the most hated characters from Marvel as a whole and throw them in the sinking ship that is Disney Star Wars. Disney just keeps making great decisions.
Open file (526.02 KB 1366x2048 briesoda.jpg)
>>2763 >I mean what can go wrong with taking one of the most hated actors from the MCU who plays one of the most hated characters from Marvel as a whole Hated by who? A bunch of angry comic book geeks is a drop in the ocean compared to general audiences, who don't give a shit.
>>2762 >>2764 >liking Brie >defending Disney Holy shit /tv/. Get some taste.
>>2764 I guess that's why they cancelled her awful Cpt Marvel sequel.
Reminder that ironic shitposting is still shitposting.
Open file (80.30 KB 635x635 shitpostan.jpg)
>>2765 >If you don't live in a little cope world then you are defending Disney Disney sucks, capeshit sucks, and post-Lucas Star Wars sucks, but I can read box office figures. Captain Marvel 2 is as likely as Black Panther 2, which is to say short of corona-induced industry meltdown or a Disney buy-out, it will happen. >>2766 How can you cancel a film that hasn't even been announced and hasn't started filming? There are always these rumors flying around and they are always huge copes. I remember one about Captain Marvel being cut from Infinity War / Endgame, which never happened, and another about ROTS retconning everything that happened in TLJ, which also never happened. It's a mix of wishful thinking and flailing attempts to save declining youtube channels, it has no bearing on reality.
>>2768 Just because you're pretending to be retarded doesn't mean you're not acting retarded.
>>2781 >if you don't agree with me you are baiting / pretending A classic
>>2764 I think you are underestimating how much people disliked her movie.
>>3273 Oh?
>>2768 >captain marvel 2 is as likely as black panther 2 Ancient post but hard to not laugh at it in hindsight. So you’re saying it’s not happening at all or there’s a massive recast of the title characters
Open file (153.52 KB 500x500 sweating mando.png)
>>3548 Gina got thicc.
Open file (83.67 KB 177x177 milk.png)
>>3548 I'm surprised it's a rhino on his shoulder and not a wolf...
>>3552 That's the thing the yoda kid lifted
>>554 not watching it, lol
>>3548 The only interest I have in this show it the autistic screeching that will happen when all the retards that sucked it's cock like it was a return to form realize that it's just as poz'd as the nutrilogy were.
>>554 Dropped it in the Seventh Samurai episode; only kept going out of slight curiosity to see if it would get better even if I didn't expect it to/because my dad wanted me to. Apparently in the new one he talks to tuskens, right? Is the language even that common where it's plausible he'd just "happen" to know?
loosks like ashoka is cooming back
>>3753 >she's now a "body positive" translesbian who heroically fights against an evil orange man
Maybe i watch someday, when you can see for free in Youtube or whatever. That will happen, sooner or later anyway.
Open file (197.17 KB 900x572 all the eggs.jpg)
Pretty good season so far. It was nice to see Bo-Katan/Katee Sackhoff again.
>>3759 >Bo-Katan Literally who?
>>3553 He's talking about Dave Filoni's wolf fetishism. >>3552 Favreau's decision. If Filoni had decided that, it would've been a wolf for sure. >>3759 Why do people care so much about Filoni's worthless background characters? His overuse of them makes the galaxy seem like the size of a neighborhood.
>>3761 >Filoni's wolf fetishism He's probably a furfag.
>Filoni stopped George from killing off Ahsoka Anyone have a source on this?
>>3761 >Why do people care so much about Filoni's worthless background characters? It's baffling. Star Wars gives these people an entire galaxy to create stories in, and somehow all they can do is recycle the same characters over and over and over again. The Mandalorian was refreshing in season 1 because it tried to cut its own path, even though there were still a few references here and there. Season 2 is turning out to be much worse in that regard.
>>2551 this goes beyond wolfaboo territory. We're reaching chris-chan levels of what the fuckery. He actually tried to get a self insert in even before his self-insert OC, a guy named ōkami, japanese for wolf. Also Trapper and Ahsoka were the spotlight supposedly of this weeks episode. The dude has a serious problem.
>>3804 >he self inserts as a nigger Is he a self hating white?
Last episode was blatant ripoff of Princess Mononoke to the point several scenes come off as shot for shot recreations of the original. It's totally lacking in anything deeper than that though since it disregards the morally grey set up of PM in favor of having Ahsoka as an stan-in for San as she fights the Magistrate and her goons. I know for a fact Filoni is not the most creative writer available, but come the fuck on now.
>>3808 what was the episode about?
>>3808 Only thing missing were the bloody wolves ironically enough.
>>3808 I thought it was more of an homage to classic Japanese samurai films than anything else. A lot of the scenes were shot-for-shot references to Yojimbo. Depending on your perspective, this is either the production crew paying respects to the origins of Star Wars and its core influences, or it's Filoni et al stealing from better filmmakers to compensate for a lack of skill.
Open file (218.73 KB 232x386 1456125339211.png)
>>3804 This is off-topic, but why do you still use 4chan's /co/ board in 2020? Just curious.
You know, maybe this series would be better seen around here were it not surrounded by mediocrity and tripe.
>>3874 That documentary was pretty good. You can see how much they actually love and care about the franchise. I didn't know that Favreau was so autistic about SW. I'm glad he's at the helm.
Open file (39.95 KB 1280x720 when he says sand.jpg)
So how many stonk wymin beat the cuckdalorian this season?
>>3883 Was it really that bad in the first? Fighting an ex-SpecForce operator to a draw seems reasonable, out of what little I've seen so far.
>>3884 >a woman fist fighting a man in full body armor to a draw is reasonable
>>3885 SpecForce is SpecForce.
>>3885 Now she's thicc so she probably sits on his face and he doesn't fight back.
>>3889 Would you? First woman I've seen for awhile out of that company that wasn't either a twig or a walrus.
>>3887 >being specforce somehow means you can punch metal armor with your bare hands and do more damage to the person in the armor then yourself
>>3901 take some pills, incel
Open file (403.72 KB 546x700 Back to Gtalenta.png)
>>4051 >Muh gurl powah is capable of breaking laws of physics. You need to go back.
>>4051 join the 49%, tranny
>>729 source
Open file (2.70 MB 3824x6280 le pottery.jpg)
It's so fucking obvious baby Yoda will either fall to the dark side completely and utterly, or have to go back with Mando and never develop his abilities. Also >50 years old >41 BBY is Anakin's birth date
Open file (335.88 KB 978x1497 yoda uses the force.jpg)
>>5398 >(a) Yoda falling to the dark side The EU predicted this
>>5398 > baby Yoda will either fall to the dark side completely and utterly, No way, it's working a lot with childless millenials, they'd never make their cute cash grab into an edgelord dark side user.
>>5416 Yeah, that's why he is going back with Mando next season. Be ready for more Luke bashing.
>>5416 If baby yoda is a female, she will be a Mary Sue, if baby yoda is a male, he will be the ultimate beta, telling people that the force is female.

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