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How lightsaber combat SHOULD work. Stormtrooper 10/15/2021 (Fri) 07:16:21 No.5629
In the films and video games, lightsaber users typically default to something like a plow/longpoint/seigan. I don't think these are the worst possible stance, but are really focused on things a lightsaber doesn't really need (lightsabers need relatively little speed/force to do serious damage) and leaves a lot of the body open to blasters. I think something like saber's outside half-hanging guard would actually be the default for anyone who expects to fight blasters instead of other sabers (basically everyone post-Russan). It lets the user cover a very large portion of their body with ease just by shoulder movements (only very bottom of the feet aren't protected here, and those are a pretty poor blaster target as is). It allows advancing quickly with relatively little loss in coverage and for someone like Kyle Katarn, it allows quickly drawing a blaster and shooting people who are overly focused on your saber. How do you think saber combat ought to do differently than it's normally depicted?
Ain't jedi suppose to rely in faster than human reflexes and precog to deflect blasters? So even with a straight energy bar than can do their deflect shots back trick.
>>5630 Yes, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't stand/hold their saber in a way that makes it easy.
>>5637 It's just moving an weightless energy bar, the only actual weight and movement is done by moving the hilt/emitter around >How do you think saber combat ought to do differently than it's normally depicted? There are plenty of non conventional lightsaber variations around in the EU
>>5643 The blade may be weightless (Actually, is this ever made explicit?), but the bar and the user's arm still take time and energy to move.
>>5645 How much do you think a magnetic contained plasma bar weights?
>>5645 if a creature like kazdan paratus can make and wield a lightsaber, its safe to say the blade its weightless and the rest of the saber carries all the weight.
>>5663 Why does Yoda use a short saber then?
>>5713 Proper control, precision, the blade is proportional to his size. How a midget would effectively use what amounts to a lance? Even with a lightsaber proportional to his size he needed to hop around like a frantic frog to face human sized foes. It isn't a question of mere weight there.
>>5714 Lance doesn't really depend on your height if it's in a lance rest. Long spear actually works pretty fine on a short individual.
I disagree with some of his points but I think overall it's pretty sound: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=s8cwM3-uowQ
>>5629 In a real fight, yeah you would use a lightsaber different then you used a normal sword. But that shit looks gay so they went with something that's visually appealing to normalfags.

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