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Stormtrooper 11/19/2021 (Fri) 14:39:31 No.5737
Open file (27.15 KB 426x240 1436822372440.jpg)
>>5737 >Can't play old games in windows to save his life >Aim assist >Looks like he is using a fucking controller instead of a Kb/M >He doesn't know that the death star plans were stolen a bunch of times, by different people >Hates the CGI, makes a joke against the prequels, later he says that the CGI is good. >Calls the TIE Bomber a TIE fighter >The levels feel/are too big He needs to git gud. He bitches a lot about Dark Forces II, the level that I disliked the most was the first two levels, but the rest were fine, as far as I can remember. LucasArts Dark forces series was a first for everything, 2D in the first game and later 3D on the second, its a shame that they didn't push the Jedi and Sith engine more. Comparing DFII against Jedi Outcast is just not fair. DFII was released 2 years after DFI and JO was released 4 years after MS by Raven Software, the devs had years of FPS under their belt. Playing thru the series I didn't have much trouble going thru DFI since it was a Doom game, the jump to DFII in 3D wasn't that rough, since I already played that game I went with Hard and let me tell you is punishing, you need to find the secrets to get extra ammo/shields/items to push all the level The force protection is broken thought.. The jump to Jedi Outcast felt weird, the whole movement felt floaty and aiming was awkward, I needed more time to get used to everything, specially the force powers. In Jedi Academy everything felt just right, the best of the series. All in all it was a great ride and all the games should be played. The guy is an idiot for wanting more Kyle Katarn, if Disney adds him to the nuCanon or make a Jedi Academy II, they would ruin him and the series. There is 30 years of star wars content, he should read/play that instead.
Yeah pretty hypocrit but still funny to watch.

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