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Open file (204.35 KB 383x246 Chad no more..png)
Stormtrooper 02/09/2022 (Wed) 13:03:56 No.5871
Rest In Peace King, 62BBY-9ABY. Gone but not forgotten. We'll miss you dearly you Bulduga wearing blue fuckhead.
>>5871 >Got his ass kicked by Fennec, because she is a strong independent womyn >Got killed in the most retarded way possible He was the on good thing in the clone wars 3d show and look how they butchered him in nuStar Wars.
>>5872 Disney fucks raw everything that it touches.
I can't wait for apologists to come out of the woodwork about how "oh man, COVID messed up production and behind the scenes drama oh man trust us" and then they'll bring in RetardedThrawn next show who will be defeated in two episodes because he underestimates women or friendship.
>>5874 Also be ready for him to not be dead cause I think they said the bacta tank was being used, and unless they shoved a rancor in it I don’t know who else it could be.
What the fuck is wrong with his face, why does he look so bad compared to his appearance from 3D Clone Wars?
Is Cad Bane the one thing about TCW virtualy everyone, no matter which continuity and era of content they prefer overall, agree on liking?
>>5876 Yeah, it looks like shit. >>5877 >no matter which continuity and era of content they prefer overall Yes and no, not everyone watched TCW.
>even the fucking dead man and his clothes are perfectly smooth and clean What does Disney have against weathering props? Everything in Book of Bobba Fett is brand new.

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