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Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Stormtrooper 02/23/2022 (Wed) 18:34:16 No.5918
This is the designated shitting thread for the amazing Disney experience of the brand new Hotel Galactic Starcruiser ride voyage! For the low low price of $6000~ish, you will be able to board the Halcyon a beautiful spaceship that is older, has seen more combat and is much much important that THE Millennium Falcon! Its been involved with the High Jedi era, clone wars era and even hosted Han and Lea wedding after they blew up the second death star! Now sit back and enjoy the ride. This whole thing is a trainwreck, but damn I wish I could get my hands on that Halcyon model.
Open file (193.05 KB 1280x720 789546465213.jpg)
Want to see more? Just go to this links for the promotional video which some were scrubbed off the internet, because they showed how awful the whole thing was, causing massive tickets cancellations. >>4982 >>5592 >>5754 >>5757 >>5897 >>5916 >>5780
That would be $6,000.00 credits, human.
Open file (8.96 MB 1280x720 WeW.webm)
https://youtube.076.ne.jp/watch?v=SMS9sDUMorI >if you go with the Empire First order you get sentenced to death along with everyone >your choices don't matter >Good guys always win >the super mega special lightsaber is just for show, it is changed for another one that can be used to hit sutff >BIG ASS holocron
https://youtube.076.ne.jp/watch?v=t-ZF6ySGN_M >The sabbac cards are digital >They didn't print sabbac cards >Chewbacca looks like shit, but the one on the promos looked good >Hyperspace to land on the plant >This shit cost 6000 dollars AAAYYYlmao.
>A fucking cripple working in the spaceship >mfw
Secondary Market May Indicate Social Media Influencers Are Reselling Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Merchandise from Their Free Media Voyage https://archive.ph/k9JmJ >Get free pass for the hotel to shill it >buy mechanize that nobody can buy yet >sell it on ebay >they didn't even wait to get home to take pictures, and put all the merch on the beds of the fucking hotel and took picutres >mfw
kek @ this shit there are good parts to this, but they're buried under a landslide of cringe.
>>5938 The activities would be great for kids, but this is not worth $6,000-$12,000.
>>5941 well yes, the merchants at Disney are trying to rip off their fans harder than ever. I could see this being $400, that would be reasonable. paying 20x that amount is insane.
Open file (524.57 KB 1911x814 355.jpg)
'Windowless bunker': First reviews of Disney's $5,000 'Star Wars' hotel are in https://archive.fo/BiSAh >Ahead of its grand opening, the first reviews for Disney’s eye-wateringly expensive “Star Wars” hotel are beginning to roll in. >the biggest complaint is that rooms are small and cramped. Standard rooms have a queen bed, bunk beds and an additional pullout sleep space, which means it is theoretically able to sleep five adults. But most reviews agreed it would feel tight with even three people, especially considering the bathroom only has a single sink. And unlike other luxury hotels, there are no typical amenities like a pool or spa. Looks like the muunikes in disney didn't pay the bloggers enough credits. Disney’s new ‘Star Wars’ hotel includes a ‘tricked out’ suite that costs up to $20K https://archive.fo/cjjvl >A stay at the hotel does not include alcohol, which runs around $13 for beer, $11 and up for wine and $23 for specialty drinks, or any fun “Star Wars” themed-extras, the report said. For instance, it costs $99 minimum to hire a photographer for a portrait or if you want to sit at the head of the captain’s table in the Starcruiser’s Crown of Corellia dining room, you’ll need to cough up an extra 30 bucks.
Open file (1.01 MB 2000x988 No refunds.png)
Open file (369.78 KB 569x445 laughingtwileks.png)
https://notthebee.com/article/disney-has-no-clue-what-star-was-actually-is-do-they- >According to Disneyland News, the company is looking to understand why their first fully immersive hotel experience was so bad that no one wanted to book a stay. >Essentially, they're paying even more money to try and find out why their Star Wars hotel was, seemingly a flop.
Open file (118.04 KB 765x1280 qASgtUJGTl4.jpg)
>>6153 >Take an idea that didn't was founded for the park and make it into the most expensive hotel ever >Don't make a study if people are going to spends huge stacks of shekels on it >Its from the sequel trilogy >It fails Are the muuns getting retarded?

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