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Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy Stormtrooper 03/06/2022 (Sun) 04:20:04 No.5954
I was playing Jedi Academy and noticed the booze collection behind the bar in the Rancor level is clearly a real photograph of bottles that has been mirrored. Any idea what this one says? I'm curious what drink canonically exists in the EU. Any good single player mods for Jedi Academy? Core gameplay is awesome, but I've played the same 20-something levels dozens of times now.
>>5954 Have you tried Movie battle mod?
>>5959 The playerbase is mostly reddit troons who always have a finger on the ban macro as soon as you start going 5-0 in 1v1s against the admin or one of their faggot clique members.
>>5970 As someone who plays it on and off. It still fun, but the playerbase has some dedicated players, and a usually chill. but there are a few questionable players who still play every day at the same time only to "troll hard" and do the expected shit talking but will really try to drive a reaction out of anyone. Even if it was mere trolling, the pure dedication to the routine suggests some sort of deeper mental illness. Like years now. Overall though, pretty chill, depending on the time of day. One or two clans do have well deserve bad rep of faggotry.
>doesn't complete t3_hevil while killing zero Nogri What's wrong with you? >>5959 >mandatory disney shit >MP only Nah.
Never trust a bartender with a bad grammar.
Speedrunners are breaking records, soon enough the world record will be under 20 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwSEYWeR1bg

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