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>>6098 >planned a galactic war were trillions lost their lives >nothing wrong
>>6099 Building a safe and secure society requires dirty work to be done anon.
>>6099 Given that the alternative was incompetant to the point it was easily overthrown by the destruction of three planets nearby each other despite having decades to rebuild, yeah Sheev did nothing wrong.
>Sheev Nope, that's Disney crap >Frank Augustus Cos Dantius Dashit Cosinga Palpatine Now... that's better, that's the good stuff >did nothing wrong But he did, his Endor trap was utterly retarded, guess 20 years snorting dark side stuff without nobody telling him to slow down fucked up his mind. At least during the Republic days he had to control the intake...
>>6102 It didn't matter if the trap worked or not, he only wanted Luke.
>>6105 >not whisked Luke away to Coruscant immediately, lock him in the Imperial Palace and then took all his sweet time to convert him >had to put some stupid show with the DS superlaser instead of using the full firepower of the imperial fleet stationed there together with the DS >even the junior navy officers facepalmed when ordered not to attack >his "entire legion of best troops" fell to some really stupid "disguise" deception and teddy bear tier tactics >they had to handwave the imperial fleet losing after DS destruction to some battle meditation BS even when they still had tactical superiority Nope. Palpatine got stupid and lazy after 20 years as emperor. Plagueis had to actually got drunk to be murdered, Palpatine got high on his own dark side farts or whatever
>>6113 The whole show of the DSII and his friends being in danger was necesary to convert him to the dark side. If he was successfull, the DSII destruction and everyone else dying would mean nothing, since having a new apprentince was more important.

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