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George Lucas is an autistic genius Stormtrooper 06/11/2022 (Sat) 01:58:09 No.6155
I was reading the old black and white version Marvel comics, so it had a lot of ads, other comics and interviews. One of those interview was of Harrison Ford talking about the first movie and say the line that normalfags parrot left and right when they bitch about George Lucas writting. >"There were times when I issued a threat to tie George up and make him repeat his own dialogue. I told him: You can't say that stuff. You can only type it." And they stop there, but I was surprised that there was more. >"But I was wrong. It worked ... Star Wars was not my film and it was not a performance performance, if you know what I mean. But Han Solo was a plum part as far as I was concerned ... George is a genius." So everytime I watch a normalfag parrot this quote I get fucking cancer, and it got me thinking. What else are they wrong about George in relation to his work?
George Lucas has great ideas, but he needs other people to shape and guide them, eg his wife's editing magic creating the Battle of Yavin. Sometimes he accidentally gets it right. For example, lightsabers -- he gave the villains red sabers, and the protagonists blue sabers, which was supposed to be cheesy and on-the-nose. But actually it's not, because it has the dramatic effect of distinguishing opposing factions, in a stage-play sort of way, and is a form of artistic license. Lucas didn't realize all that, but he still had an accidentally great idea.

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