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Video-Assisted Ludic Interactive Systems Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 10:33:43 No.1 [Reply]
Hello and welcome to /valis/, a place to discuss video-assisted ludic interactive systems and miscellania regarding their function, implementation and venues where we can find them. Anything that uses a video signal return that also gives feedback after we commit an action on an interface for the sake of entertainment can be considered here; i must mention i'm going to try to be as off-hands as i can be regarding discussion but we are still bound to follow our hosts' rules plus some comments of mine: 1. Follow the global rules, which are based on the Romani 2012 Criminal Code. They can be found at our Home page. 2. This is a vidya board, creating off-topic threads and heavily, belligerently deviating discussions and political spergins are no-go's. 3. No namefagging, ecelebs and Discords. The blatant dispensation of pills such as the brown, black or heh ones, which don't have WDA approval, is prohibited and their prescribers will be banned on sight. 4. In the meantime Meta content should be posted here >>3 to make things faster and cleaner for all of us. 5. Spoiler gore and other NSFW content if possible because sensitive ones might bug and harass our host's administration if otherwise. We are currently classified as NSFW but some still don't care. - Please enjoy ourselves in the time of our lives.
Edited last time by weebanon on 05/28/2022 (Sat) 13:37:44.

Open file (86.09 KB 800x600 bigfoot.png)
Open file (113.41 KB 340x237 luigi.png)
Open file (24.88 KB 288x235 toad.jpg)
Open file (24.30 KB 248x187 triforce.jpg)
Rumors, Legends & Secrets Thread Anonymous 08/06/2022 (Sat) 15:58:11 No.3389 [Reply]
I'm sure we can all remember a time in our lives when games were more mysterious, when a background detail sparked our imaginations, making us wonder what secrets may be found if we investigated hard enough. This curiosity led to plenty of hoaxes and dead ends of course, but sometimes there really was something hidden, waiting to be revealed by the most dedicated players. Which tall tales do you remember falling for? Which hopeful rumors do you wish were true? Which genuine secrets still amaze you that they're real?

Shmups and Bullet Hell Thread Anonymous 06/01/2022 (Wed) 15:59:04 No.2808 [Reply] [Last]
Any of you lads been playing any shmups lately? I've mostly been playing Blue Revolver and DonPachi, although I'm not particularly good at either (or shmups in general) yet. Speaking of Blue Revolver, is it just me or is there something a little off about the stages and patterns? I've heard DonPachi isn't anywhere near as good as its sequels or many other shmups, but somehow the levels and enemy encounters seem...better paced? I'm not sure I can put my finger on what it is mechanically. Stage aesthetics is another story: DonPachi's stages feel like you're moving through locations with distinct areas and purposes while Blue Revolver's seem arbitrary, as though you're going over a themed assortment of tilesets and scrolling backgrounds instead of actually attacking a mountain convoy or shooting up the docks. I get it, Blue Revolver has a much smaller team than a Cave shmup, but when the programmer makes remarks like "The creeping sensation that I earned none of the modest success this game achieved, and that just around the corner the game will be found out as just a bunch of PNGs moving on a screen" and "I became convinced that in terms of the game/level/pattern design, I had completely pulled a fast one on STG fans the world over and just barely got away with it," I hate to say it, but on some level I get what the guy means. You really begin to notice this stuff after playing the same stages over and over. Hopefully Double Action fixes some of this. The patterns shown in the (years old) trailer look good and I like the new UI, shit, the recoloured backgrounds are an improvement as well, but I'm not sure my complaints can be fixed without significant changes to the backgrounds or stage layouts in general. Anyhow, here's a couple freetard shmups you may or may not have heard of: http://olofson.net/kobodl/ - Enhanced version of XKobo, a Japanese freetard shmup about blowing up space bases http://garden.sourceforge.net/ - Not the biggest fan of this one, it's fairly slow and doesn't always distinguish enemies from the stage background very well https://chromium-bsu.sourceforge.io/ - Freetard shmup balanced around fucking mouse controls, I think it goes on forever https://smcameron.github.io/wordwarvi/ - Editor war shmup, haven't tried it yet https://linux.tlk.fr/games/Powermanga/ - Looks cute, haven't tried it yet
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>>3374 Take your pills
Open file (551.73 KB 720x720 N.png)
>>3374 Sad bait, plus I'm already Christian.
Open file (562.54 KB 664x587 ClipboardImage.png)
Aesthetically or mechanically, what is the strangest shmup you've ever played?
Open file (38.10 KB 622x445 bullet hell.jpg)
Open file (619.90 KB 652x1958 totally bullet hell.png)
>GOG announces a Bullet Hell sale >almost none of the games are shmups >the shmups present are ones no one describes as bullet hell >fucking Sine Mora in the sale I'm sick of bullet hell being a label indieshits steal for their non-shmup games. It's like these people saw one video of a Touhou boss, thought "duuude, how do people even play this," then slap the most basic bitch bullet patterns into generic action roguelite #4633 and pollute the genre's search results.

Open file (305.92 KB 640x480 q0m.png)
Post about a game that you recently played Anonymous 11/07/2021 (Sun) 09:32:45 No.1362 [Reply] [Last]
And whether you had fun
Edited last time by weebanon on 03/01/2022 (Tue) 18:18:48.
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>>3344 How interesting. The manual concept reminds me of the reading material in Retro Game Challenge (Game Center CX). Unsurprisingly for a name so generic somebody already used it for another fangame: https://solarus-games.org/en/games/tunics
>>3344 Well I took a chance and played this furshit after reading your post and don't regret it. I'm either too dumb or don't have the autism to 100% some of this shit without looking up the rune translations but it's entirely possible to figure out enough to get to the end and I got about half of the fairies/golden spirits/whatever they're called before saying fuck it and going for the final boss. The Heir can be a real nigger of a battle but it was very fun all the same. Sort of a spoiler here, though it won't ruin the game for anyone the hero's laurels can be kinda finicky, I'm embarrassed to admit I had a much harder time than I should have finding my way to the East Forest entrance in the night/ghost world because I couldn't properly teleport to the far shore entrance during my first two tries and assumed the bricks you're supposed to walk on were just scenery before moving on to some other shit. It's definitely controller oriented though, I played through the first half on my keyboard before getting frustrated and digging out some shitty logitech controller I have and things went much more smoothly after that. Overall I'd say this is easily an 8/10 game, and you can get it on gog-games for free so there's not much of a drawback for trying it.
>>3344 More small spoiler response to this. >To my recollection there's one where the password is revealed to you as a spinning reflection of light-rays reflected from a pond onto a bunch of jagged walls. It's not clear if you should take the reflection of the image into consideration, what the starting point or orientation is or where the ending point is and it involves a lot of waiting on the rotation to reach a certain point That was the last fairy puzzle I completed before saying fuck it and going for the final boss, you have to rotate the pattern and it's much easier to just draw it on a post-it note or some shit and rotate it along with the reflection as you're drawing it out. It took me too long to figure that out because I'm dumb and when I finally got it I was drained of any motivation to get the rest of the fairies during that session. I'm going to try for a 100% run next to see the "good"" ending or whatever but if something catches me in one spot for too long I'm going to say fuck it and look it up this time.
>>3383 I'd say that's fine. I feel the reward is figuring out the puzzle and not whatever esoteric knowledge the devs had in mind at the time because they should really signal it better. What if I needed to reverse all of the directions because it's a reflected image off the water? What if I'm unaware which of the jagged walls represents the true orientation of the path? It's just dumb and overly long and involves a lot of waiting.
Open file (350.42 KB 1600x800 Hardcore Mecha.jpg)
Hardcore Mecha It's a chinese/taiwanese(one of those two) 2d mecha game. It's a very simple, fairly short(I'd say around 2-3 hours, it's 8 chapters of two 10 minute missions each. You have four attacks, two of which are melee(effectively non-customizable), a main gun(you also get secondary main guns that don't reload) and a secondary shoulder mounted weapon. You also get a boost gauge similar to a game like say Rocktron where holding R1 boosts you in whichever direction you're holding the left analog in. You can also block but I've rarely used it. The game's really simple but doesn't play much to its mecha strengths. There's very limited customization. In terms of weapons you have three configurations of your main gun, a shitty mode, a high power low magazine mode and a medium power high magazine mode. For the secondary you have a shitty peashooter and a slightly less shitty pea shooter and a rocket launcher. For your melee weapons you don't really have a choice, you start off with a shield bash and a dumb punch and then they get upgraded a few levels into the sword and electric shield bash and there's absolutely zero reason not to pick those. The parts where you have the most amount of customization are your mods and consumables. Consumables are meh, you can't go wrong with the health pack and the rest are pretty situational. Mods are just stat boosts and unless you pick boost enhancements and gun/melee enhancements you're likely doing it wrong. You also get to pick one mech and one mech only, which is strange because you can tell there are a lot of mech classes with their own abilities and movesets. Turns out you can use those, in multiplayer. In singleplayer you're stuck with the generic gundam instead of the infinitely more interesting red melee-only mech that your not-rival pilots and you get to have three or so boss fights against. It's so strange that they couldn't even bother rotating the mechs or characters in the campaign since that seems like a sure given to actually spice that part up. Besides that I have no qualms about the actual game itself. It's fun, it's short, it doesn't really overstay its welcome and if I had an issue is that some bosses are a bit of a damage sponge and that the ranking system doesn't make much sense especially when you're never really aware what about your ranking didn't net you an S-rank, and it seems to unlock fuck all. I'd recommend a pirate if you have a few hours to waste.

Amateur Game Development General /agdg/ Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 15:12:27 No.2475 [Reply] [Last]
>Valis <no /agdg/ Let's fix that! Links: >#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net >https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs >Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources >Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/
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>>3189 he's not wrong
>>3132 Sure thing, Goldberg
>>3263 >seething
why must people respond to the lowest effort shitb8 imaginable
Open file (281.06 KB 1920x1080 2022-08-01 10-18-53.webm)
>>2475 Something is going on.

Open file (20.21 KB 255x191 wesnoth-1.10-2.jpg)
Open file (20.79 KB 255x191 wesnoth-1.10-22.jpg)
Open Source games and gaming on Linux thread Anonymous 10/08/2021 (Fri) 19:08:55 No.258 [Reply] [Last]
[8VG04 ~ 28/03/2018] Given the speed of /vg/ it's probably a good idea if we just make a combined thread for open source games and gaming on Linux. Personally I mostly play FOSS games on Windows and a surprising number are pretty great.
329 posts and 133 images omitted.
Open file (21.41 KB 255x191 2019-06-07-141631.jpg)
>>591 Again, go take your concerns about quality to the meta thread. I don't claim to be the best poster or a judge on quality. But this personal back and forth, not so much a structured argument with a premise and conclusion, does not belong in this thread. I don't, in the least bit, have a charitable perspective on informationless whining about quality. It reads more like catty behind the back drama between two self-perceived types of posters. And no posturing or attempt to persuade could change that. I'm quite entitled to my own opinion, correct? But here's an argument since you want one: If meta thread is for meta discussions, and this is the gaming on Linux thread, then you should take your board and site wide concerns to the meta thread. I'll be playing my vidya.
[End of Dump 8VG04 ~ 08/06/2019] I didn't recall our vol being that much of a nigger back then, kinda wish i know what happened later
Open file (159.94 KB 1475x994 ClipboardImage.png)
>Frogatto is still being updated >the last full release was 1.3 in 2012 >it just hit 4.27 several minutes ago >absolutely nothing about this on the blog or twitter >the blog has been dead for years
>>3379 FOSS games have serious longevity, stuff like SuperTux is over 20 years old and still being actively developed. Generally this is because they're hobbyist projects that people chip away at when they have some spare time.
>>3380 Even if development is glacial compared to regular games (even indie games and free indieshit), I can't deny there's a weird charm to the results and I hope it's still in whatever the fuck 2022 Frogatto looks like.

Open file (9.29 KB 200x255 01fb6.jpg)
Stealth Games Anonymous 06/07/2022 (Tue) 17:07:34 No.2903 [Reply]
So anons what are your thoughts on stealth games? I finally sat down and played Thief 1 and 2 with the recommended patches and they were both great, that old sound tech is mind-blowing. Here's the links to the fanpatches by the way https://archive.ph/o/238P9/https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Thief:_The_Dark_Project%23TFix and https://archive.ph/o/238P9/https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Thief_II:_The_Metal_Age also somebody told me to try out Deadly Shadows and use https://archive.ph/o/238P9/https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Thief:_Deadly_Shadows%23Sneaky_Upgrade but I haven't tried it yet was that good advice?
17 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>2969 I always thought that MGS4 as a "conclusion" to the franchise was absolute unwarranted. There were still so many things to do with the series, MGS2 expanded the lore and opened up so many possibilities but then the next direct sequel, 4, didn't really do anything with that and tried to awkwardly wrap things up - the produce of Kojima's bad writing. The original concept for Revengence was Raiden (and assumingly Snake) trying to save Olga's child from the Patriots, which is what MGS2's ending was explicitly about. So I think that potential alternative "MGS4" would have been about that.
>>3248 mgs 4 was a mistake
>>2985 >>2989 Any progress on this?
>>3301 >>3347 Guess i'll make some text for a couple games to keep things moving. Already did Hitman 3 so i guess i'll do CN47, 2 and 4 Blood Money. Assassin's Creed 1, Sneak King and both Riddick games, probably Spy vs. Spy which i found not long ago for the Xbawks. May also try a hand at the intro and details of the genre, don't know about the visuals of the chart because that should be a common consensus i suppose.

Open file (91.45 KB 800x600 DevKit.jpg)
Resources & Local Media Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 20:17:34 No.3 [Reply] [Last]
The place to discuss and post our assets like banners, CSS ideas or promo material; due to the site's policy of board meta threads needing to be inside the board itself this will also function, for now and reluctantly, as the place to do so too. Be not afraid to comment.
214 posts and 62 images omitted.
>>3124 Personally I'm tired of seeing Yotsuba B on every board. The problem is that it just werks and usually when someone tries to make custom board CSS it ends up either very ugly or less readable or both.
>>3134 So let's use Futaba >>3069 It's basically the same as Yotsuba but not Yotsuba.
>>3144 I concur, Futaba is pretty nice.
>CSS got changed <15 people instantly wrote to voice their disdain! >none of these faggots actually want to post about video games as the board stands for days Typical. Go back to /v/igger and don't complain how shit it is, you don't deserve anything better.
>>3370 It's standard modus operandi for many saboteurs in the webring, i browse many boards and the times that has happened is not even funny although it usually happens with a certain topic in discussion or someone getting banned than the CSS, or them deleting their own posts and blaming the BO; the intention is to cause stir and bring some anons to suspiciously new boards at other sites. I believe a couple of anons were sincere in both sides so i didn't look into it that much but i certainly want a CSS and i don't really like Futaba plus nobody has attempted to write it, which i believe is easy enough but last time i tried that i got flamed so i don't know what to do other than post and change the CSS back to Yotsuba every time i browse the overboard/another board.

/vgmg/ Vidya Game Music General Anonymous 02/11/2022 (Fri) 09:53:39 No.1895 [Reply] [Last]
Current pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/Pdr931hQ For the past years, this subject has evolved greatly but it is best to start with something a little simple. Atari, the once mighty giant, had poor design choices after their success with the 2600. They have committed the biggest sin of all, which was neglecting the sound hardware for their 8-bit gaming console, the 7800. While the 7800 had native backwards compatibility with the 2600, it lacked any sustainable sound chip other than the TIA chip from the 2600. However, the designers of the console alleviated this by having developers implement the POKEY chip in their cartridges with little costs. Although, this was dropped as soon as Jack Tramiel bought out Atari and restructured the company. The POKEY chip was primarily used in Atari's arcade cabinets and 8-bit home computers. It was most notable known for being used in Lucasfilm Games's Ballblazer for the Atari 7800. The theme Song of the Grid rip Russel Lieblich had some interesting origins, from the Wikipedia article: Ballblazer's theme music, called "Song of the Grid" and heard between matches, was algorithmically generated, a technique designed by Lucasfilm Games team leader Peter Langston and called "riffology". The lead melody is assembled from a predefined set of 32 eight-note melody fragments, or riffs, which are put together randomly by an algorithm that also makes choices on several parameters including "how fast to play the riff, how loud to play it, when to omit or elide notes, when to insert a rhythmic break". The melody is accompanied by bassline, drums and chords, which are also assembled on the fly by a simplified version of the above approach. In effect the music plays forever, without repeating itself but without straying too far from the original theme. Langston, an experienced jazz, rock, and folk musician, said of Ballblazer's music: "One reviewer, an eminent jazz player [Pat Metheny], said it sounded like John Coltrane did it. I think that's my best compliment so far." The Atari 7800 version was one of the rare releases for the system to use the POKEY additional sound chip. To pose some questions: Who is your favorite vidya composer and why? Which vidya generation, other than the 1st and probably 2nd generation, has the best music? What is your favorite sound chip?
151 posts and 429 images omitted.
And after all this things, here it is, the final yes final Hitman game, Blood Money. Here it seems Kyd wanted to combine a lot of things in the concept, probably to showcase the past years: The choir and orchestra once again by the Budapest boys, the Vangelis synths (or their original horn counterparts) and the clubbing days. Also because a lot of people were feeling this was the last ride. The shenanigans from Contracts took its toll in a bunch of the original Zyrinx/Lemon founders had a fall out with the rest of the team and the parent company Eidos, so after this ride (and multiple hints in the game, including the infamous ending) many of them quit IO to open their Reto-Moto office closed since 1999, but some others changed their minds (and would backtrack later on). The result of this whole "Too Many Chiefs" situation was a bunch of different art styles, plot points and mechanics that some heroes streamlined into a coherent game at the end, the best one in the series to be fair, but that could've been much more (scary to think that) Jesper's soundtrack also resembles this due to the aforementioned showcase work, giving place to different soundscapes for different places and with some of them not matching their song name, along with Ave Maria not being even his arrangement if i read correctly (Pierre Fรถldes, the Budapest conductor, is the man here), but Vegas is worth all of this. Also some of these songs still sound awfully familiar, man. Especially Apocalypse, oh that's right the Magnasanti theme! :^)
Ah, the famous Gears Tournament III, pretty interesting choice in art direction, also in the music department as Jesper did very few tracks compared to the Mr. Di Prisco. At least they are pretty decent but can't say about atmosphere as i never played this one due to the backlash making me scared as a fan of UT99. LockDown is a fucking bomb. And talking about backlash, here's Kane & Lynch, done by IO Interactive featuring Blystad's men in charge of edgy and the few Zyrinx guys left for the tech department. A lot of talk has been said about this so the final nail i can add in the last leg of the 2nd Kyd era is that many of those guys left after this bomb (in the other sense of the word) and went to Reto-Moto (not all tho), along with Jesper who didn't go back to work with IO, but did so with R-M in their only game, Heroes & Generals. Bros before hos i can suppose.
After UT3 and K&L, and after 7 years since the trio of Codename 47, MDK2 plus Messiah, Jesper got his gravy train ticket: Assassin's Creed, the big elephant in this discussion. By this point he was swimming in money, the 3rd Kyd era. Highly overrated series by the masses, but still quite good due to its art department (at least the first game) and it did establish Kyd's name in the hall of distinguished fellas like he deserved. In this thread that will be the end of the road for this danish night owl because things get a bit hairy after these ones, among them is all the Borderland games.
So, that's it, that's the relevant Jesper Kyd experience for those who have heard his name. Will try to upload some of this stuff too, along with some of those 2006 interview clips laying around. Hope i didn't bug a lot of anons i mean admins and the server space with this long webm dump, just trying to smash the subject on point.
2006's interview by IGN in question, lol you can see they were still (or at least pretending to be) a small site with beginner dudes trying to get the note and some actual info. I suppose this came from an E3 event or something similar.

Open file (190.75 KB 500x373 arcade.gif)
Open file (44.45 KB 449x567 1.jpg)
Open file (51.49 KB 480x640 2.jpg)
Open file (402.16 KB 1440x1080 3.jpg)
Arcadya Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 20:11:00 No.1400 [Reply] [Last]
'90s arcades had the comfiest aesthetics. Anon's favorite cabinet? Not just the game itself but the entire thing. Mine is pics related. An excellently put together machine from Sega. As you can see they took a regular arcade cabinet and attached a small frame add-on with curtains, two player seat and gun holsters. A simple thing, really, but it worked wonders in a dark smoky room, especially when you're a kid. The idea was to make it feel like you're in a jeep of sorts as that's the perspective of how the game is played. And they definitely succeeded in that. It is only much later in life that I realized what a simple construction this actually was, but as a kid I thought it was a full scale jeep model. Getting inside, pulling that curtain behind you, taking a gun from a seat side holster - all of that was an atmosphere building prelude, boosted by great sound design that was always emanating even from a vacant cabinet. I remember in circa '98 when it came out there was a queue around it, and that feeling of agitation to get inside fast and in a rush with some other guy next to you only added to the immersion. The game itself was great as well and emulated everything you want to get from a Jurassic Park experience. This was made in an era when licensed games didn't have the stigma of cheap lazy garbage yet and a lot of movie based games were actually pretty good.
103 posts and 46 images omitted.
>>3327 That's what break it you buy it policies are for. "That'll be $2000 for a replacement cabinet sir."
>>3325 I would add that nigger hipsters are (unsurprisingly) some of the worst hipsters. They take the culture to an extreme, and it is even more synthetic. Truly disgusting individuals. Can't stand nigger tech reviewers either, or niggers on bicycles of any kind.
>>2787 probably a decent take. white males usually take the vanguard in anything new, and then it becomes infested with normies, women, and niggers.
>>3330 >white males will live in a controlled fantasy world lol
>>3331 White males already live in a controlled fantasy world, dipshit. The average white male doesn't even know the shape of the surface he stands on.

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