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The rape of Silent Hill Anonymous 05/13/2022 (Fri) 15:17:27 No.2520
After a decade of shitty western SH games and then a decade of merciful oblivion, annually dodging rumors of Kojewma trying to ruin it with his shit take, it seems they are dredging up this IP to buttfuck it once again after all. Rumors of a new Silent Hill game made by some shitty gaijin studio been leaked together with a few supposed images: >mutt wommyn protagonist >internet bullying >generic western "horror" tropes and look >Anita Welcome to Soylent Hill. Apparently there are several projects in development and the Cuckjewma one is not out of the picture as well.
Everything you like will be defiled. Every franchise will be used for its recognizability as a tool to propagate the agenda.
You thought that was bad? Here's your new Resident Evil from Netflix. Literally not a single white person.
I'm surprised it took them so long to get to Silent Hill. Watch them get someone from the original team to "legitimize" this abomination, just like how they got Akira Yamaoka for all those western Silent Hills. >>2527 WE
>>2520 >first pic >i hate myself what the fuck are we in 2004? >>2538 WUZ
Open file (144.63 KB 1200x632 5708015.jpg)
why is everything mutts...
>>2564 Mutt's law.
The internet was the real Silent Hill all along.

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